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6 Money-Making Tips for Selling Used Furniture

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Whether you rent or own your home, your living space is going to go through many changes over the years. You’ll experience a variety of interior design phases and find yourself needing more out of your furniture as time goes by.

That means that at some point, you’ll have to get rid of the pieces you have. So why not make some money from them? Here are all the tips you need to know to make the most money when selling used furniture.

1. Price Things Fairly

Have you ever tried to buy used furniture or clothing online before? You’ve probably seen something that’s way overpriced and decided not to trust that particular seller.

The same applies when it comes to selling used furniture. If people see your couch is too expensive, they’re less likely to trust prices on anything else.

That’s why you have to make sure you’re pricing your furniture fairly before you ever post about it. Consider how much you bought it for and how long ago that was. A couch that’s been in your family for 10 years won’t be worth even half its original price because of the wear and tear.

You can also look around online to compare pricing. See if there are used furniture pieces that are similar to yours in age and usage. Check what they’re being sold for and if that could be an acceptable price.
Another option is to get a quote online from a free calculator like Blue Book Furniture. By entering information on the brand of your furniture, where you live and even what you would pay for it, you can get a market value that’ll be acceptable to buyers.

2. Take Good Photos

If you’re thinking about selling used furniture online, you’ll want to capture your pieces in the best photos. Nothing will grab someone’s attention quite like an eye-catching image.

Here are a few photography tips anyone can use in their own home:

  • Use natural lighting — don’t leave your furniture in the dark
  • Show everything — don’t accidentally crop out parts of the item
  • Provide closeups — this will show you have nothing to hide

If you’re not afraid to show potential customers that your furniture has minor scratches or tears, they’ll trust that you’re providing valid proof of what the piece looks like. They’ll also be happier with what they take home if they can clearly see what they’re buying upfront.

3. Come Across the Right Way

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but how you describe your furniture is what’s going to bring in potential buyers.

Describe your furniture in detail, especially any damage it may have. Ask yourself what you would want to know and write it down, then compare what you’ve written to other used furniture posts online.

The way you type your post counts, too. Double check your post before publishing to avoid these common mistakes that scare off potential buyers:

  • Never type in all-caps, since it comes across as yelling
  • Double check for typos
  • Make sure your pickup location is accurate
  • Include key details, like the brand of the furniture

The pictures you take of your furniture will be what gets people to look at your post, but what you write is what’s going to sell it. If your information is accurate, welcoming and typo-free, you’ll likely find a buyer in no time.

4. Decide How You Want to Sell

There are many different ways to sell used furniture, given the advancements in technology that have been made in recent years. You can always place an ad in your local paper, but it’s also smart to post about it online, too.

There are websites for selling used furniture that will show your item to people looking specifically for what you’re selling. You’ll reach a local and global audience at the same time.

If you think your furniture would appeal to a younger crowd, try selling your furniture on an app. You’ll have plenty to choose from, so download a few and try them out for yourself to see which ones you like best.
Do you prefer to sell without using technology? Decide on a date for a garage sale and post signs in your town. Encourage your friends and family to spread the news about the event so you have a big turnout.

5. Study How to Negotiate

Many people who look for furniture online or seek it out at garage sales are unafraid to exercise negotiating techniques. They’ll argue your pricing down to the lowest dollar they can get in the hunt for the best possible deal. This might intimidate you, especially if you’re not used to these tactics.

While you should take any concerns and questions seriously, don’t be afraid to stand your ground with a passionate negotiator. If the potential buyer tries to leave, don’t sweat it too much. They may not be the right person for what you’re selling.

Plus, if you’re using Craigslist or another app, don’t hesitate to ignore offers that look sketchy or insulting. You don’t need to spend valuable time contending with buyers who are making offers in bad faith.

6. Don’t Settle for Less

If you’re following these tips, then you haven’t just guessed a price and slapped it on your used furniture. You’ve compared it to the market value and what you bought it for when it was brand new. Based on how much wear and tear it has, you’ll know your pricing is fair.

The right buyer may negotiate the price down a little, as that’s all part of the selling process. But don’t let yourself get lowballed by an opportunistic Internet buyer. If you’re trying to sell quickly because you’re facing an upcoming move, recognize that there’s pressure to sell, but don’t lose out on money you should be able to earn.

Top Tips for Selling Used Furniture

One last tip? Buyers are more likely to spring on a purchase if they don’t have to worry about delivery. Book a Dolly to get your furniture to their doorstep, and even the bulkiest pieces will more easily make their way into a new home.

Selling used furniture doesn’t have to be a challenge. Try these tips to guide you through the process, and you’ll soon have more space in your home that you can fill with something new.

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