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6 Money-Savvy Tips for Buying Quality Furniture at Value City Furniture

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 Moving into a new area is exciting until you realize that your new place needs furniture. After moving costs alone, you browse various sites scouting for furniture deals but just end up overwhelmed by how much everything costs. We’ve all been there. Before you end up stressing yourself out to find stylish pieces that are budget-friendly, remember that there are discount stores like Value City Furniture that’ll provide stylish and aesthetic furniture at a discounted price.

While Value City Furniture has a lot to offer, buying discount furniture is similar to buying clothes at a thrift store, when you see a good piece for a deal, you have to get it before someone else has the chance. Here are some things to know to get the best deal on your new Value City furniture. 

Why should you buy Value City Furniture?

   Value City Furniture offers not only low priced furniture and decor but also bundles up entire rooms for you with additional savings to save through bulk orders.  Value City Furniture provides stylish made in America Koehler products, so you know you’re receiving quality without having to compromise finances.

Due to their multitude of financing options and collection deals, you’ll have peace of mind ensuring you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Every piece also comes with a 5-year warranty which is longer than most places can say. 

Spring Sale is Worth the Wait at Value City Furniture

Value City Furniture

    As our parents once told us, “patience is a virtue”, this especially applies to the Value City Furniture spring doorbusters. When it comes to discount furniture, spring is the time to snag last summer pieces for almost half the cost. In preparation for your summer barbeques, Value City Furniture cuts $500 off of all patio furniture items. For other furniture items, there areprice cut upwards of 20%, 25%, or even 45% off for the whole month of March.

Alternatively, if you decide you would rather finance, Value City Furniture provides intro to spring deals for that too. They will give you 36 months of no interest for any purchase $1000 or below. That’s literally a four-piece sectional for zero interest. However, just like the thrift store, if you see something you love, buy it. If you’re hoping to score your dream piece at an even lesser price, don’t waste your time anywhere else. Grab it at Value City Furniture without giving someone else the chance to steal your dream piece. 

Keep an Eye Out For Value City Furniture Sets

  When looking for the perfect sofa for your living room, Value City Furniture makes it easy and affordable to find a chair or a side table that matches according to your style of choice. Not to mention, most of these sets cost less than a singular sofa.

You could have the husband’s recliner and your dream loveseat for the price of one without sacrificing your color scheme and decor style. From mid-century modern to traditional, Value City Furniture does an excellent job at pairing styles together and mix and matching for more opinionated shoppers. 

Get the Best Payment Options with Value City Furniture Financing

Value City Furniture Special Financing

We all get to a point in our moving process were paying for all of your furniture in full can be intimidating and financially unfriendly. Thankfully, Value City Furniture offers two financing options that are compatible with almost any budget. First, they offer your standard 6 to 12 months financing, with that you have:

  • No minimum purchase necessary
  • Can be combined with any store deals
  • Valid for online and in-store purchases
  • Zero Interest

With already competitive low pricing, you can pay next to nothing upfront with a combined store deal (take the spring sale for example) and this financing option (major score).

For those wanting to build credit over a longer time for a pricier item like a whole collection per say, the 36 months financing is available for:

  • Purchases of $999 or higher
  • Online and in-store purchases
  • 36 months of equal payments
  • Zero Interest

However, since this financing option offers a significant amount of time to pay for an already discounted item it cannot be combined with other store deals. Regardless, you pay next to nothing each month for something that may be a bit out of budget upfront. 

Build Your Credit for $1 at Value City Furniture

Value City Furniture Credit Details

   You read it right, Value City Furniture offers a unique leasing option for those who need to begin building up their credit for dirt cheap. You pick out the furniture you want, and they’ll buy it for you in exchange for your choice of affordable monthly payments with no long term obligation.

For first-time furniture buyers, shop with confidence knowing that no credit is needed and flexible payment plans are available.  Plus you can enjoy the flexibility of knowing you can own your furniture at any time with their early purchase options. All that is required is a minimum purchase of $298 and a down payment of only $1. With this option, you will benefit by:

  • Pay as you go. Make monthly affordable payments that suit your budget
  • Pay in person, online or over the phone
  • Service is included

Of course, you should go on to read the fine print, but when you need to furnish your new home after you move, this is a great budget-friendly way to do it!

Same-day Delivery at Value City Furniture

If you find a couch, dresser, or kitchen table that is perfect for your new home, don’t pass it by. Use Dolly. Dolly connects you to local pickup truck owners who can take care of all your moving and lifting needs all through a mobile app. Dolly can meet you at Value City Furniture to pick up the hefty furniture and deliver it to your home. Or you can shop online and have Dolly deliver to your door same-day through their site! There’s no need to miss out on a great bargain on furniture just because you don’t have a truck, book a Dolly!

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