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How to Find Affordable Furniture in New York City

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Moving in New York City can be expensive. According to Kiplinger, Brooklyn has the fourth highest housing prices in the United States, with Manhattan topping the list. Moving can become a wallet-bursting experience especially with new apartment furniture costing between $3,000 and $5,500.

Costs can be mitigated by opting to buy furniture from less-conventional sources. There is no single way to prevent your move to the nation’s largest city from being a financial burden. But finding affordable furniture in New York City can help make the move less of a gut punch.

Know Where to Buy

With New York City hosting more than 32,000 retail stores (as of 2019), it should come as no surprise that a few cater to discount furniture hunters. National discount chains such as HomeGoods, Cost Plus World Market, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Marshall’s, Ikea, and At Home all have stores in the five boroughs. Many offer payment or in-store credit plans, and some sell clearance items or store models.

If you’re not inclined to compare prices in person, shopping online offers another way to find bargains. Online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair can connect you to an endless number of brands and suppliers. Searching online allows you to find furnishings at almost every price point. If you choose this option, it is important that you pay attention to all the reviews for an item so that you are not surprised by your order when it arrives.

Finally, you might want to consider buying directly from alternative brands. Companies like Casper and Tuft & Needle offer direct purchasing and prices comparable to or better than their retail alternatives. These brands also have frequent deals and coupons that can help stretch your furniture budget.

Go Secondhand

If you don’t mind used furniture, secondhand may be your best option for finding affordable furniture. While there is a risk of contamination or infestation with cushioned or upholstered furnishings, secondhand might be the best way to find a high-end item for less cost. This is useful for wood or metal pieces, such as such as end tables, bookcases, dining room tables, and dressers.

Online sites like Facebook, eBay, Offer Up, Let Go, and Craigslist make it easier for potential buyers and sellers to find each other. But this does not diminish the need to physically inspect an item in person before committing to buying it. Still, these forum can simplify the scouting process while offering deep discounts for the would-be furniture buyer.

Another option is to try thrift stores. These stores, like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, will sell donated furniture at their retail stores at a significant discount. The proceeds are used to benefit the groups’ various social outreach programs. The received items are typically inspected by a store associate to ensure they’re clean, free from major structural defects, and safe to be reused. This is a great way to both help an organization do good and secure affordable furnishings for your apartment.

Ask Your Friends

Moving is a part of life, especially in New York City. While there are some individuals who avoid having to move once they settle into their apartments, most New Yorkers will find that they will have to move regularly for a litany of reasons. These can include rent increases, non-renewal of a lease, relationship changes, disagreements among roommates, or simply the opportunity to move to a better apartment. While these moves means that furniture will need to be transported, sometimes this is not practical. The apartment may not have enough space for the new furniture or it may already be furnished. Other times, the move may offer an opportunity to upgrade furniture.

Many people who move would rather give away the furniture than pay to store it or go through the hassle of selling it. Asking your friends or work colleagues if they or anyone else has furniture they are willing to get rid off could help you find your next table or sofa at the price of a move. 

Furniture for the Budget-Minded

For those on a budget, furnishing a new apartment in New York does not need to break the bank. With a little research and some luck, you can have the apartment and furniture of your dreams a bargain. Despite its reputation for being expensive the nation’s largest city has a furniture solution available to suit every taste, if you’re willing to be flexible.

Finding affordable furniture in New York City isn’t impossible. And when you find your ideal furniture and need help moving it, visit for help.

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