Dolly’s QR code program explained

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Who knew a global pandemic would lead to a renaissance in QR codes? What was once a dying marketing trend is now a part of our daily lives. From restaurant menus to Super Bowl commercials, your customers have been interacting with QR codes in one way or another,  which makes customer adoption simple.

QR codes are like barcodes, but instead of being used to scan items at the store, they are used to access information. They look like a pattern of black and white squares, and when you take a picture of the code with your smartphone, it takes you to a website.

What is Dolly’s QR solution for retailers?

This is the simplest way to start offering Dolly delivery to your retail customers with zero effort from your sales staff. Co-branded signs with QR codes can be placed around your store, offering same-day delivery on big and bulky items. 

As a Dolly partner, you’ll have access to an online store customized to your brand with QR codes leading to a custom co-branded Dolly page like this one for Extra Space Storage. Your store will include:

  • table tents
  • window decals
  • posters
  • tags
  • business cards

This makes it simple for you and your retail locations to restock if any of your items run low or if you would like to offer seasonal promotions. 

Once the QR codes are on display in your store, customers can scan them and set up their delivery in just a few clicks without having to engage with your employees. 

What type of business is this program great for?

Adding Dolly QR codes to your store is a great option if you have limited staffing resources and want customers to self-serve as much as possible. It’s also a great option if you are looking to implement list-mile big and bulky delivery quickly or would like to test your customers’ response to the program before diving into Dolly’s Lighthouse product or integrating Dolly into your online store through our Rest API.

Your customers will love Dolly:

It’s also worth noting that customers love quick delivery, and Dolly QR codes will help you deliver exactly that. Through a 2021 survey about Dolly retail offerings, our team discovered:

  • 72% of customers stated that their Dolly experience positively impacted their impression of the store and that they were more likely to purchase from the retailer again.
  • 13% of customers said they bought more than they planned because same-day delivery was available at the store. 
  • 27% of customers said that would not have purchased their items at all if local delivery wasn’t available.

Details about Dolly’s delivery network:

You have huge items to deliver, and we have a huge network of drivers – it’s a perfect fit. 

  • We have a network of 15,000+ vetted and background-checked drivers.
  • Our network spans 48 major American cities.
  • Our average customer satisfaction rating is 4.7/5 stars across 31K+ App Store reviews.
  • Our all-time average customer NPS speaks for itself at 80.

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