Retail partners increase revenue by 27% with Dolly, and other findings from our 2021 survey

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Getting large items such as furniture, mattresses, and large appliances don’t have to be a daunting task anymore. With Dolly, it’s easier than ever to have them delivered faster than expected. We surveyed 800 customers who had a retail delivery by Dolly in 2021, and here’s what they had to say. 

Positive impacts on the store

72% of respondents stated that Dolly positively impacted their impression of the store, leading to higher ratings, positive reviews, and happier, loyal customers. In addition, 72% of respondents also stated that because of their Dolly experience, they were more likely to purchase from the store again. 

“I can shop more and not worry about delivery that is not on my schedule.”

Dolly customer

14% of respondents stated that they bought more than they planned because Dolly was available as a delivery option at the store, and 36% of respondents said they would not have purchased their items at all if Dolly was not available. This proves that stores offering Dolly delivery will likely see an increase in sales, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

“I was hesitant about buying my items because of fear regarding delivery cost. When the salesperson shared the option to go with Dolly, l was elated.”

Dolly customer

Convenience and speed of delivery

68% of respondents stated that Dolly has influenced the way they shop for big and bulky items. 57% of respondents stated that convenience of delivery was more important than the price of delivery, with the ability to schedule a delivery according to their preferred date and time and the ability to get a guaranteed price upfront being the two most convenient aspects of Dolly. 90% of respondents who thought that price of delivery was more important than convenience believe that Dolly is priced fairly. 56% of respondents stated that Dolly delivered their items faster than expected. 

“I purchased a large amount of Elfa pieces for closets from The Container Store. I can’t say enough good things about my overall experience with Dolly. It was 3 separate deliveries, and each of the delivery drivers did an excellent job communicating and delivering all the product.”

Dolly customer

In-store shopping vs. online

The survey also showed that 73% of respondents purchased their items in the store, 21% ordered their big and bulky items online, and 69% of respondents stated that they are more willing to buy items like furniture, mattresses, and large appliances online than they were a year ago.

Dolly will keep you competitive in an economic downturn

As a business, you have two levers to pull when it comes to increasing sales. Inspire action and reduce friction. In a time where consumers have infinite options and are increasingly cautious when spending, don’t let your marketing dollars go to waste in the final mile. Let Dolly do the heavy lifting and get your customer’s big and bulky items home, and faster than Amazon!

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