Purple Mattress continues to delight customers while navigating regulatory changes and labor shortages

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At a glance:

  • Company: Purple Mattress
  • Challenge: Adapt quickly to legislation changes and labor shortages 
  • Solution: Partner with Dolly for turnkey nationwide delivery and removal services
  • Key Result: Successful on-time deliveries, mattress removals, and additional opportunities to expand services with Dolly

Meet Jarom Olson, the Senior Manager of Home Delivery and Third Party Logistics at Purple. Purple is an innovative mattress company known for its unique purple grid technology. However, behind its product, it encountered a substantial logistics challenge that posed obstacles to its smooth operations.

The challenge: A change in California legislation

Beginning in 2020,  the State of California introduced new legislation that mandated all mattress retailers offer mattress removal. Jarom pointed out the challenges posed by this regulation, “We have a brick and mortar presence in California via Purple-owned retail stores. But for every online sale in California, we had to offer mattress removal. This works when we have a delivery person already going to the house and delivering the new mattress. But, in the case where  FedEx delivers the mattress, a large section of our orders, we needed to figure out how to offer mattress removal to all those customers.”

Dolly’s turnkey solution

Seeking a solution that wouldn’t require major disruptions or investments, Purple turned to Dolly. Jarom noted, “Dolly came with a solution that allowed us to offer mattress removal without materially disrupting or having to invest in a large asset-based model. The solution was extremely turnkey.”

Dolly’s solution was mapped to meet California’s requirements: “Specific requirements were dictated by the statute –  we had to offer mattress removal at the time of purchase, and you have to execute that within 30 days. We threw all the requirements on the table, and Dolly was very good at partnering with us to say, here’s how we can do this, and here’s how we can appropriately address far outlying areas.”

From high touch to trust

The relationship started with a lot of discussion to ensure that the program met all state requirements. But as Dolly continued to deliver impeccable results, trust grew. Jarom comments, “As Dolly showed proficiency, our relationship evolved. Now, we’re exploring how to further leverage our connection with Dolly for additional services beyond removal.”

Dolly’s flexibility to the rescue

Jarom describes a particular incident where 13 stores needed labor urgently. “On short notice, Dolly was the go-to,” he explains. Within 48 hours, Dolly had help standing by. The team showed up on time, communicated efficiently, and ensured smooth operations during a delivery rollout for multiple stores.

The key advantage was Dolly’s flexible capacity. “The gig economy offers a labor pool. I can tap into this pool without needing to commit to ongoing volume. It’s challenging with traditional models, but Dolly’s structure allows for immediate, competent help when we need it.”

The gig economy advantage

Dolly, operating in the gig economy, offers Purple a unique advantage. Companies can access delivery services without investing in infrastructure or navigating complex regulations. 

Jarom highlights, “You’re accessing something with a much lower profile, without going in-house or vertically integrating.” Not only does he value the flexibility and rapid responsiveness inherent in this model, but also the tech infrastructure Dolly boasts, which minimizes guesswork and establishes predictability. “All of the technology infrastructure is present within Dolly systems, which in turn creates a very predictable experience for the customer,” Jarom comments.

Dolly’s approach is clearly working. “Dolly maintains over four and a half stars. That’s an extremely high [customer rating] for any sort of delivery experience, almost unheard of,” Jarom states. He draws a contrast with other carriers, pointing out how none achieve as high a customer satisfaction score, except for his in-house team. This level of consistent satisfaction, especially in a field where pleasing experiences often go unspoken, stands as a testament to Dolly’s efficacy and the power of the gig economy when married with real-time feedback.

The final touch point: Delivering the Purple brand

Ultimately, the partnership with Dolly has empowered Purple to enhance its delivery experience. Ensuring customers receive on time and with top-notch service. Jarom emphasizes the importance of Dolly’s, “ability to close that feedback loop fast.” Which he equates to “creating a greater, sharper incentive to do a good job in front of the customer so everybody wins.”

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