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8 Best Online Furniture Stores

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Buying furniture is an inevitability for most people. Whether furnishing a new move or replacing a worn-out mattress or sofa, Americans are buying more furniture than ever before. A recent study found that in 2021, one in ten Americans moved either by choice or involuntarily. There has been a 56% increase in foot traffic at furniture stores from 2019 to 2021.

This, however, does not tell the full story. As of 2019, 26% of Americans preferred online furniture shopping to in-person shopping. While online furniture shopping has been slower to catch on, more and more buyers are increasingly considering it in more recent years. Social distancing considerations and inventory shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led many to reconsider online furniture buying.

All online furniture sites are not the same. Some have distinguished themselves for the breadth of their inventory, their pricing, and their customer service. The following are eight stores you should consider.  

World Market

While costly, World Market offers one of the largest international assortments available. It is not uncommon to run into a carved wood Zarah daybed or a mid-century velvet curved back Claire sofa here. There is a lot to sort through, with—like many online versions of brick-and-mortar stores—the available online inventory dwarfing what can be found at the physical stores. With a rewards program, regular sales, and free shipping for orders over $199, the site is a favorite for those looking to add some global flair to their homes.


Instagram favorite Anthropologie is the must-go site for those looking for the most fashionable and most chic in home furnishings. A clothing and apparel brand, Anthropologie has now expanded its portfolio to include home furnishings, adding its unique style and personality to its curated collections. A potential buyer can arrange a consultation to personally answer any questions a buyer may have before committing.


Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. A significant reason for this is the site’s seemingly endless inventory of just about everything. This is due to its Sellers’ Marketplace, which allows manufacturers and importers to sell their goods on the Amazon website while using the site’s fulfillment services. What this means is that a customer can find both budget-friendly options and exclusive designer brands, such as Ravenna Home, with free shipping.

Pottery Barn

A brand within the Williams-Sonoma portfolio, San Francisco-based Pottery Barn is a mainstay of the American home furnishing scene. The high-end, high-quality furniture retailer has moved toward sustainability with recycled fabrics and responsibly sourced woods. The site regularly features warehouse events and other sales, making it easy to find a good deal.


Etsy tends to get a bad rap, as it has been used in recent months as a front for a litany of scams. Despite this, Etsy offers the best opportunity to buy custom or handmade home furnishing at a good price. From dining table to lounges and tableware sets, the products bought here all come from a small businesses and are typically made to order, allowing for unique focus pieces for your home.


Environmentally conscious Medley goes the extra step in ensuring that their wares are not only beautiful, but safe and sustainable. Free of fire retardants, heavy metals, and other carcinogens, Medley’s collections are ideal for those with health sensitivities and those who would rather not bring potential toxins into their homes. Medley’s selections are handcrafted, high-quality, and only made from natural materials, such as natural wood and organic textiles.


Starting originally as a collection of over 200 websites offering everything one could want for their home, Wayfair was born in 2011 when the collection was merged under a single brand. With millions of products in its catalog, Wayfair is arguably the largest dedicated online home furnishing retailer in the world. This translates to a unique site where it is possible to find just about anything you need for your home at savings up to 70%. With flash sales and the annual Way Day sale, the savings can go even deeper.


Of all the big-box retailers, the Minneapolis-based Target has worked hardest to be seen as a fashion boutique. This extends to its home furnishing selections, where you can find anything from vintage selections to contemporary options. With free shipping, add-on warranties and protection plans, and in-store credit cards, Target offers a worthwhile alternative for finding the perfect accent piece.

Ready to Plan Your Next Home Addition?

Online furniture stores make buying furniture as easy as picking up your tablet. With many using augmented reality technology to virtually place the furniture in your room, you can even see how it will look with your decor before buying it. This gives you control of the buying process from the comfort of your pajamas.

No matter where you choose to buy your next sofa from, make sure that you select the best mover to help you out, as most online furniture stores only deliver to the curb. Dolly can help you safely move in your new purchase stress-free. 

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