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Space-Saving Furniture Pieces for Even the Smallest Homes

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In a tight space, every square foot–well, every square inch–matters. From furnishings to clothes to groceries, every item you buy needs to be carefully assessed to see if it’s worth the area it takes up in your small space. And most important to assess are the biggest items of all: furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up space to have a bit of comfort if you invest in space-saving furniture. These pieces are essentially multipurpose furniture for small spaces, designed to make the most out of every square inch with extra storage, collapsible add-ons, and easy-fold-away designs.

Use your square inches better with these pieces built to work as multipurpose furniture for small spaces:

Squeeze in Extra Bathroom Space with a Corner Storage Shelf

Bathrooms are the last place you’d think about space-saving furniture, but the little scraps of space you have there can go a long way. With a tall and thin corner shelf like this Target piece, you only need a few inches to create an extra spot to store linens, toiletries, and extra toilet paper. 

Use an Upgraded Murphy Bed to Make Your Bedroom an Office Space

Murphy beds have long been a favorite multi-purpose furniture piece, and with good reason. Being able to fold away the bulkiest furniture piece in your home gives you freedom to do all kinds of things–like work from home in an office space that won’t make you sleepy. With this Costco bed-to-desk Murphy bed, you won’t even need another piece of furniture to make a home office. Simply fold the bed away in the morning, pull down the desk flap, and you’re ready to work. It’s also a multi-purpose furniture solution for those debating between creating a guest room or a home office space. 

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Make Guests Comfortable Without Sacrificing Floor Space

If a guest space is a priority and you’re not on board with a Murphy bed, you still have plenty of options. This simple Pottery Barn lounge chair transforms into a twin-sized bed when you need an extra guest space, giving you the perfect space for just one guest, or a nice lounge chair for yourself. 

But if a twin bed or a chair isn’t enough space, a sleeper sofa has you covered. And some sleeper sofas go far above others, like this IKEA sectional that unfolds into a full-sized bed and has a secret storage space. This space-saving furniture piece has all you need for a pair of guests, with its storage area just the right size for blankets, pillows, and sheets for your guests. 

Utilize Tiny Spaces for Extra Storage

Big furniture pieces aren’t the only ones with space-saving storage. Simple pieces can go a long way in providing extra storage solutions, like this Kirklands end table that holds a basket underneath. It’s the perfect space for linens, blankets, or even kid or pet toys. All without taking up more than a square foot in your living room.

Store Shoes Out of Your Closet and Out of Sight

Get stylish storage in your space with a secret storage ottoman. This Big Lots ottoman is specifically made for shoes, so you can leave your closets for long-term storage and keep the shoes you use daily close by. 

But if an ottoman doesn’t feel quite right for your shoes, a discreet cabinet may be the right move. This IKEA shoe cabinet is just a few inches wide, but can store a dozen pair of shoes out of sight. Its simple style will help in blend in with any home, and can keep your day-to-day shoes out of sight near your front door. 

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Get More Kitchen Seating Without Sacrificing Space

Kitchens can be notoriously small spaces, and with renovations costing tens of thousands of dollars, making the most of that space can feel impossible. Enter convertible kitchen islands. This Target island offers you precious extra square footage for cooking and eating. And when you’re done, you only need to fold down the drop leaf to get square feet of clear area back. 

Keep Jewelry Organized, Minus All the Boxes

Jewelry is a particularly tough thing to keep organized, and doing so often requires space-consuming boxes that still leave your pieces tangled. So instead of dedicating flat space on your dresser or bathroom cabinet to a bulky box, opt for an over-the-door mirror and jewelry organizer like this mirror from Bed Bath & Beyond. It does its multi-purpose duty by giving you a place to double-check your outfit and a storage solution, plus its over-the-door design clears your floor and counter space. 

Make Your Dining Table Useful Outside of Holiday Meals

If you’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner or friendly potluck, you’ve found yourself needing far more tables and chairs than you do on a typical Tuesday. The typical solution? Biting the bullet by getting yourself a full-sized table with a removable leaf, which ends up devouring all the space in your kitchen. The better solution? A convertible kitchen table like this Amazon table that converts to a bookshelf with ease. It’s there when you need it for the few group meals you host each year, and a convenient storage shelf every other day. 

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