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Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas: Tips for Layering Warmth and Light

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You may think the focus on outdoor living is the warm summer months, but with a few minor adjustments, you can design your outdoor space to extend another full season. Fall is a great time for taking advantage of cooler temperatures and earlier sunsets – ripe for outdoor living. But rather than focusing on the grill, the fall is about adding warmth and light to your outdoor space.

If you already have a patio or deck with outdoor furniture you’ve enjoyed throughout the summer, there’s no reason to pack it up just yet. Rather, focus on making the space more comfortable for the onset of the early evenings and early evening chill. Consider layering both options for warmth if the temperature really dips (firepits, blankets and heaters) and lighting to add an atmospheric glow over and above your heat sources.

Cozy Up to Outdoor Firepits

Firepits don’t require a ton of space, and no longer require a huge investment. There are fire pits available for every budget and space, from propane to classic wood-burning units. The key is safety. Make sure you’re considering distance from your home, and safety of the unit itself, before choosing your product. If you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining, choose a firepit that offer space for plates and glasses and eliminates the need for an extra table. And, if you’ve already got a propane tank on hand from summer grilling, consider a unit that cuts out the wood smoke and uses the same gas. Bonus: you won’t have to worry about putting it out before bed. And a gas fire pit is a breeze to put into storage during the cold, wet winter months.

Blue Rhino Propane Column

Solo Stove Bonfire

Red Ember Campfire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pit with Tree Leaves

Rectangular Fire Table

Seasonal Orange Fire Glass

Turn Up the Heat with Patio Heaters

Often, firepits don’t put out quite enough heat to keep you comfortable as the temperatures drop. If you can’t have, or don’t want, an open flame, consider a portable propane heater. While you may be familiar with the large commercial units at local bars and restaurants, home propane heaters now come in shapes and sizes for any space and budget.

Hammered Bronze Patio Heater

Stainless Steel Tabletop Heater

Fire Sense Aqua Blue Patio Heater


Perfect Outdoor Throw Blankets for Fall

You probably have a large collection of sports-themed fleece blankets and (gasp) maybe even a Snuggie. Consider expanding to more stylish and atmospheric options like faux fur to add warmth and, well, to pretend you’re a Game of Thrones regular.

Luxury Faux Fur Throw

Faux Fur Solid Blanket Sham

Mini Faux Fur Throw

Light it Up with Fall Patio Lighting Ideas

As we approach daylight savings time, darkness will descend more quickly. All the more reason to add warm atmosphere to your outdoor living space that will last until the winter. Candles work, sure, but consider setting them inside larger lanterns and adding lighting from above with string lights to illuminate larger spaces with less fuss. Fall lighting, like fall clothing, works best in layers – so experiment with what works best for your space.


Outdoor Flameless Candles

Wax Birch Flameless LED Candles with Remote

Luminara Flame Effect Pillar Candle (Pumpkin Orange)

Inglow Flameless Votive Candles


Outdoor Lanterns to Light the Way

San Rafael Solar Lantern

Rowan Tabletop Torch

Yellow Moroccan Lantern

Add Ambiance with Outdoor String Lights

Frosted White Globe Lights

Vintage String Lights

Clear Glass Globe String Lights

Autumn Leaves String Lights

Fall is an awesome time to continue to enjoy the outdoors – but it’s a little less fun if you have to do all the moving and setup. After planning your layered cozy outdoor space during the fall, book a Dolly so you don’t have to struggle with any of the heavy lifting. Find a firepit or stylish heater you love at the store, but it just won’t fit in your car? We pickup from retail stores, give you an upfront quote, and deliver same day during the time you set – with no wrangling over time windows. You’ll be roasting s’mores over your new fire in no time.

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