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Make a Clean Start: Post-Holiday Decluttering Tips for the New Year

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The only thing worse than having to clean your house right after the holidays is starting off the New Year in a messy place. Think of January 2018 as your opportunity for a fresh start—and a decluttered home as the gift you give to yourself. Here’s how to get rid of clutter fast, so you can take the New Year in the right direction.

Decluttering Tip #1: Take a First Pass At Holiday Clutter

The holiday rush may be over, and relaxing might seem like the thing to do. But do you really want your house looking like Santa and all his elf buddies had a New Year’s party at your place and decided to stay till next Christmas? Doing a quick sweep of all the stuff that accumulates during the holidays can help you get control of household clutter.

You can start by taking inventory of your holiday gifts, sorting packaging, putting Christmas decorations away, and taking those holiday sugar cookies you want out of your sight to the office, where your coworkers will thank you and curse you at the same time. Can’t do a whole decluttering project all at once? You can try breaking it up into manageable parts. Just make sure to get a start on cleaning up now, to set the tone for the new year.

Decluttering Tip #2: Got Something New? Replace the Old

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Consider the Christmas gifts you received as motivation to get rid of old and outdated items. Were you gifted a new winter coat? Did Aunt Fran send you brand new pajamas again this year? Did a new pair of cozy shoes show up under the tree? If your new kicks will do the work of several old pairs, try tossing out two. Whatever you can do to free up more space means cleaner, clutter-free living for 2018.

Decluttering Tip #3: Move Stuff to Storage…Mindfully

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Maybe you’ve put away your holiday decorations. Or maybe you’re still thinking about it. (They sure do take up a lot of space, don’t they?) When you’re putting holiday decorations in storage, it’s a good time to reflect on all the joy they brought. Putting decorations away with care is not only good for avoiding clutter in your home but also a way to get organized for future celebrations. Keep track of what you pack away in boxes—ornaments, Christmas lights, wreaths, candles, etc.—and be sure tape a list to the box of the contents inside. Need to find a storage unit for your extra stuff? Here’s how to find the perfect one for you.  

Decluttering Tip #4: Decide What to Do With Unwanted Gifts

Okay, you love your mom, but does she still buy you holiday sweaters that make you think she doesn’t know you at all? Don’t make the guilt of receiving things you don’t need or want cause you to keep clutter around. There is someone out there who would love to have a T-shirt with Grumpy Cat wearing a Santa hat, but it isn’t you. Decide right away what to do with unwanted gifts, not only because you want to get rid of clutter, but also because it leads to awkward gifting in the future (re-gifting can be dangerous if you can’t recall who gave gifts to whom). Need help deciding? Here’s a place to start.

Decluttering Tip #5: Give to Friends or Donate

Why should you throw away books you’ve read, a second immersion blender you don’t need, games & toys your family’s outgrown, or knickknacks and collectibles that may not be a great fit for your home? Instead, have a donation bag or box on hand when sorting through gifts after the holidays, so you can set things aside for Goodwill or other charitable organizations. It’s an easy step that helps you get rid of clutter in your house right after it arrives. You can also find a new home for bigger items like furniture or appliances. How better to keep that good holiday feeling going than to give to others?

Decluttering Tip #6: Recycle


Cardboard boxes and wrapping paper can really take over your home during the Holidays. See what you can reuse (boxes can be good for storing items), and what else you can recycle. Don’t forget to set a date for dispensing with all those holiday cards or wacky family photos your friends keep sending you. They already worked their magic the moment you opened them, so why not take an Instagram of the lot and let the originals go with the rest of the clutter in your house?

Decluttering Tip #7: Go On a New Year Dump Run

Need help hauling your tree away? Check with your trash service to see if they do curbside pick-up of Christmas trees, or contact Dolly for help with removal. Or did your dishwasher give up the fight after trying to clean up after so many holiday feasts? Out with the old and in with the new is a great way to start of the new year, especially when you have Dolly to help you get rid of the old.

Decluttering Tip #8: Start Your Winter Deep Clean

Once you’ve decluttered after the holidays, you are now ready to get to deeper cleaning. And after a holiday party or two, there may be a lot to clean up. But don’t let the wine stains, grease stains, and chocolate stains get you down—these tips for cleaning holiday stains with household items you may already have will make this cleaning as easy as (pumpkin) pie.

Decluttering Tip #9: Set a Decluttering Date

Hopefully these ideas for getting rid of clutter will be all you need to inspire you in the new year. But the real trick to cleaning up holiday clutter is to simply set aside a specific day to begin. Think of it as a variation on spring cleaning. Start now, or mark your calendar for your “winter cleaning day,” and be ready to take that first step toward clutter-free living in 2018.

Need help getting started? Set a date and book a Dolly. We can help take your donations to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or your local thrift store. And if you’ve already purged enough to require a dump run, we can help with that, too.

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