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Halloween Yard Decorations to Make Your House the Scariest on the Block

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Remember when you were a kid, trick-or-treating on Halloween? You got to run free around the neighborhood, eat as much candy as you wanted, and there was always one house that had the creepiest setup, like a real-life graveyard, or a horror scene come to life.

Now, we’re adults, and while we can still eat plenty of candy, we can’t exactly go knocking on our neighbors doors. But we can become the terrifying yard of our memories with just a few choice items. Here are some of the Halloween yard decorations that can turn your home into the scariest in the neighborhood:

Giant Light-Up Grim Reaper, Party City

At twelve feet tall, this thing is probably as tall as your house. Camouflage it into the trees for an even bigger scare when trick-or-treaters notice its glowing eyes.

Life-Size, Animated Pennywise the Clown, Party City

So creepy that it’s almost cruel, Pennywise is the current “it guy” of horror movies (pun intended). With light-up eyes and movement, it’s sure to scare everyone on your block – possibly even yourself.

9′ Gargantuan Spider, Home Depot

Remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry and Ron find themselves in a lair of giant spiders? This brings that chilling nightmare to life. As an added bonus, it makes realistic hissing sounds, in case you weren’t scared enough already.

6′ Bound Witch Tree Decoration, Party City

Ever wanted to recreate the Salem witch trials in your front yard for a cheap price? If so, this is the decoration for you. Bonus points if you tie it to a pyre and burn it on Halloween night.

36” Hanging Butcher Pig Halloween Decoration, Walmart

If you just look at the blood and weapons, this pig is pretty creepy. But if you look at the hair, you’ll quickly find your thought changes to, “what kind of leave-in conditioner is she using and where can I get some?”

Animated 72” Hanging Witch, Walmart

Why dress up like a witch when you can buy one of these and hang it from a tree in your yard? But be warned: this one comes with no guarantees that it’s not haunted.

Light-Up Tree of Horrors, Big Lots

Who says trees are just for Christmas? Start a trend of Halloween horror trees with this spooky number.

52” Standing Skeleton Pony with Light-Up Eyes, Home Depot

Okay, so it’s not quite the pony you asked Santa for when you were eight, but this one’s better because it will spook neighborhood dogs away.

12′ Inflatable Airblown Ghost, Walmart

Even in this very tame picture, this thing is creepy beyond words. Now, imagine it at night, amongst fall leaves, a full moon, and a cool wind. If you’re going for a haunted house look, this monstrous creation is perfect.

400W Ground Fog MachineAnimated Wretched Reaper Fog Machine Cover, Party City

What’s a yard of horrors without some bone-chilling fog? Throw the animated reaper on top to hide the fog machine and make the reaper look like it’s breathing fog.

20” LED Illuminated Halloween Graveyard Tombstones, Home Depot

No yard of horrors is complete without a few gravestones. These ones in particular have glowing eyes to add to the creepy factor.

Bloody Weapons Garland, Party City

For a finishing touch, drape your windows in this festive garland featuring (fake) bloody weapons. Just make sure to take it down on November 1st, or your neighbors might get a little nervous.

Ready to make your yard the creepiest in the neighborhood? Get help bringing home your giant inflatables and tombstones from the store with Dolly. Whether you’re living car free or just don’t have space in your civic, we’ll pick up all your animated witches and light-up ghosts and deliver them straight to your home for a a setup so easy, it’s almost spooky.

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