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Get the Best Deal on Craigslist Furniture

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#1 Find out why they’re selling

The key to finding the best deals is knowing why people are listing their furniture. People who are moving tend to have the best deals because they don’t have time to hold on to their furniture.  People moving will be more eager to sell and more likely to make a deal.

#2 Search for new listings late Saturday night or early Sunday morning

“The early bird gets the worm.” People tend to list their items on Craigslist either early in the day, or late at night. Be proactive and contact the seller sooner rather than later to avoid missing out on the deal. If you need to view the item in person, try to schedule a time as soon as possible.

#3 Negotiate, but don’t push it

Sellers hate to negotiate, but buyers love it. Remember that the person selling their item may have emotional ties to the item. They may also try to get the price close to how much they originally paid for it. The key here is to know when to negotiate and when to walk away. If the seller seems unreasonable leave them with a standing offer and follow up later in the day. Sometimes it takes a few potential buyers balking at their high price before they start to realize your offer was reasonable. But if you want to remain persistent, try showing the seller the blue book value for their item.

#4 Be patient

It’s best to bargain hunt without a strong need in your life. This will reduce the likelihood of making an emotional purchase and overspending on the item. Good deals will come along, but the best deals go to those that are prepared and patient.

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