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11 Gifts to Make Life Easy for Your Car-Free Friends

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You know that friend…who proudly doesn’t use a car. They always are willing to split a Lyft home, know the bus routes backwards and forwards, and they always have an extra sweater in case it gets cold while they wait for the bus. So you can’t exactly buy them a car for Christmas. Here are a few things you can get them to help make their long waits for the bus and 3-person Lyft lines bearable.

1. A Top-Rated Portable Cell Phone Charger

Between coordinating plans, checking email, and calling a ride, phone batteries can die quick. And while those of us with cars always have a car charger handy, your friend who relies on Lyft for transportation does not. Save them from their greatest fear of running out of battery with Amazon’s choice for best portable cell phone charger. It’ll charge any phone, regardless of its maker, and holds enough life for three full iPhone charges.

2. Save Their Stuff with a Waterproof Bag Cover

Waiting for a bus in the rain is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you’re hunched over your bag, trying to keep it from getting soaked. A waterproof bag cover works with everything from designer handbags to heavy-duty backpacks to keep important documents (and suede clutches) perfectly dry.

3. A Service That Lets You Keep Reading the News, Regardless of Cell Service

Whether they’re in the back of their Lyft or stuck on a subway, let your car-free friend keep up on the news with a subscription to Instapaper. For $30 per year, the app lets you save any article to your Instapaper account, where you can pick up reading it anytime, even if there’s no cell service or wifi.

4. Headphones to Block Out the Sounds of Their Commute

A set of big, noise-cancelling headphones will block out all unwanted conversation, as well as the folks who believe that a train is the best place to use speaker phone. They’ll be so immersed in another world, they won’t even notice the clanking as their train heads down the tracks.

5. Rides to Every Night Out with a Lyft Gift Card

Chances are, your car-free friend has at some point or another had to say no to some time together because they’ve spent too much on Lyft. Save them from missing another night out with the gift of rides (and maybe even the opportunity to indulge in a Lyft Premiere).

6. Heated Clothing to Keep Them Warm While They Walk in the Cold

Waiting for bus in the rain is pretty bad, but so is walking home in the freezing weather. Keep your friend cozy no matter what they’re wearing by giving them a layer that will warm their heart (literally). A heated vest will keep them warm no matter how cold it gets.

7. Soft Insoles to Ease All That Walking

Even on days where they’re stuck out on the concrete, these super-soft, shock absorbing insoles will make it feel like a walk in the park. They’re perfect for a long day at work or a relaxing walk home afterwards (not to mention late nights at the bar afterwards).

8. Help Moving with a Gift Card to Dolly

If your friend doesn’t have a car, they’ve probably asked you at some point to help them move – or worse, they’ve made you help them squeeze too many large flat-packs into the car of a very annoyed UberXL driver. Kindly tell your friend that you’re not helping them move next time with the gift of Dolly – we’ll provide truck and muscle for help bringing home your friend’s craigslist pickup, moving their studio apartment, or even delivering those IKEA flat packs. It’s not just a gift to them, it’s a gift to you: no more days of helping them move!

9. Canvas Bags Worth Their (Very Light) Weight

One of the biggest challenges of living car-free is grocery shopping. Paper shopping bags barely hold up on the trip from the shopping cart to your backseat – now imagine them trying to survive the bus and a walk across town. Your friend will never have to worry about broken bags (or broken dreams) again with this heavy-duty canvas bag that will help them shop with confidence, plus help the environment.

10. For the Bike Commuter, an Emergency Bicycle Repair Kit

Chances are, if you have multiple car-free friends, at least one of them can never be found without their trusty bicycle. But bikes don’t just have a spare tire in the trunk, so if your friend’s tire goes flat, well…it could be a long walk home. Enter this compact and convenient bike repair kit, which your friend can store in their backpack and use if they ever get a flat, broken chain, or have any other issue. With this gift, you’ll be their equivalent of your roadside hero from AAA.

11. Turn Commute Time Into Storytime with an Audible Subscription

Listening to music on a commute can be great, but sometimes, you want something more. Enter Audible, the Spotify of audiobooks. Your friend will be off on adventures while biking across town or bussing to work. Bonus: now there’s no excuse for your friend to avoid reading that book you recommended to them forever ago.

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