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Blue Book for Furniture

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We’re in the business of helping people get their stuff where it needs to go, and many of our customers are buying and selling furniture on Craigslist. For such a massive market, many people don’t know how to determine a fair price for their furniture.

To aid this process, we built a tool that allows you to quickly get a ballpark estimate for the value of your used furniture. We created something that is easy to use, but also allows for more accurate data in the future.

Check it out now:

How does it work?

The calculator is something that we will continue to improve. For this first iteration we used standard accounting principles to estimate the depreciation of an asset such as furniture. In the real world, standard accounting principles don’t often accurately represent “real market values.” We used a small survey to provide a normalizing effect that improves the accuracy of the real world value, and we’ve also begun to adjust the data based on category and location.

Now that you know what your furniture is worth, make sure it sells by learning how to craft a stellar Craigslist post.

This is just the beginning and we hope to continue improving accuracy. If you have any thoughts/suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Shoot us a Tweet at @getDolly!

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