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What Is and Isn’t Worth Splurging for on Black Friday

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‘Tis the season: Whether you’re shopping for your family, friends, or yourself (because let’s face it: It’s always the season to #treatyoself), there’s no denying that Black Friday is imminent.

But it turns out, the post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Some items are definitely worth elbowing through the inevitable crowds for, while others may not be at a discount worth the energy.

Bookmark this page to read while you’re waiting in line for entrance to your Black Friday extravaganza of choice:

What IS worth buying on Black Friday

Certain Electronics

Let’s face it: Black Friday and electronics go together like a second turkey helping and a sleepy food coma. On the day after Thanksgiving, you can score major savings on certain electronics.

If last year is any indication, televisions are a great electronic to spring for on Black Friday. Amazon ran a promotion of a 49-inch 4K TV for just under $160, while Walmart discounted a Samsung 65-inch big screen by $300.

Look for laptops, too – certain makes are predicted to be deeply discounted. There are rumors, for example, that Best Buy will have the Microsoft Surface Pro at $700, compared to its typical selling price of $999.

Smart Home Devices

“Hey Alexa, should I buy a smart appliance during Black Friday?” The answer is a yes, since retailers often mark down their smart appliances on this day.

Last year, Kohl’s ran a promo for Google Home at just $80 – compared to its regular $130.


Oh hey, fashionistas and fashionistos – you can get some of the best deals today, when outlets like Nordstrom Rack are predicted to take up to 75% off designer handbags, and sweaters at shops like Macy’s may drop below the $20 mark.

There is, however, one exception to the Black Friday clothing hunt: It’s actually best to buy winter gear – like coats, boots, and even customized Snuggies – in January, when they can go for up to 50% off.

Small Appliances

Finally: That KitchenAid stand you’ve had your eye on for literally forever is affordable – or, at least, $20 cheaper than it normally goes for.

Now’s a great time to buy small appliances, like microwaves and a cute mini waffle maker, so you can bake up a holiday storm at a deep discount.


You’ve done a lot of shopping – why don’t you rest your tired feet on a brand new, sweet steal of a sofa?

Retailers like Macy’s and Big Lots will be offering discounts on their furniture this Black Friday, and sales have already started in select stores, like Crate + Barrel.

When you’ve settled on the plush new ottoman or chic bed frame of your choice, use Dolly to deliver. Select the store, select the pickup time, and your Helper will get it to your home on Black Friday–no waiting period like the retailers offer.


Need to escape the holiday chaos? Now’s your chance. On Black Friday – and its exclusively e-twin, Cyber Monday – hundreds of flights will go on super sale. Airlines ranging from Delta to AeroMexico and Frontier Flights will be offering deeply discounted tickets.

Bon voyage!

What ISN’T worth buying on Black Friday

Large Appliances

If you’re jonesing for a new oven, we’re sorry to say it might be in your budget’s best interest to wait till next year.

Here’s why: Most manufacturers release their latest models in the early fall months – e.g., September and October – meaning prices are cheaper at that time, since stores need to give older models the boot to make room for the snazzy new ones.

The one exception, according to Consumer Reports, is refrigerators. These tend to go for an all-year low during Black Friday.

Bedding and Linens

Looks like you’ll have to hibernate in the linen you already have. It’s typically better to get bedding items during August and September, since that’s when retailers offer promos in response back to school season for college students.


Not time for toyland just yet!

It turns out, the best time to spruce up your collection is actually in the days before Christmas. (Hey, we hear that’s when Santa does his shopping anyway.)

Holiday Decorations

Deck the boughs with discount decor after Christmas, since that’s when most retailers mark down their inventory.

We know, it’s a bit of a downer to shop for tinsel and ornaments in the days after Xmas — but if you can hold out, you’re looking at prices that are super slashed.


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend – but not during Black Friday, when prices for jewelry virtually the same as they are year-round.

Add a little glitter to your life in March instead, when the post-holiday and -valentine’s mayhem has fizzled out, and consumer power is high.

Fitness Equipment

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a blissfully gluttonous one – and fitness retailers know that.

That’s why they typically don’t mark down fitness equipment prices until after New Year’s, when health and wellness resolutions are long past.

No matter when – or what – you’re buying, use Dolly to make the delivery affordable. We’ll connect you with local pickup truck drivers who can pick up your oversized items on your schedule. Bring home that couch the same day you bought it, or get that refrigerator set up before your Thanksgiving leftovers unfreeze. No matter what big pieces you need delivered this Black Friday, Dolly is here to be your delivery companion.

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