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Designer Predictions for 2018 Interior Design Trends

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While interior design trends tend to run on the wheel, 2018 has some surprising – and welcome – shifts in focus. We spoke with designers across the country about what they’re looking forward to and counseling clients on for the year ahead. Across the myriad responses, a theme emerged: a trend toward reverting to the natural world. Perhaps it’s our techno-saturated lifestyles, enmeshed in modernism, or maybe it signals a desire to escape the daily onslaught of information across channels. Whatever is behind the trend, designers agree 2018 is the year our spaces seeks a better balance between aesthetics and function and a more personal, natural sense of meaning.

Prediction: Earthen Decor Will Play a Much Larger Role

earthen-inspired room decor predicted for 2018 interior design trends


We’ll bring more nature decor into our homes, mimicking the natural world to create a sense of calm.

“Anticipate a re-emerging of natural wood from medium to dark and in every tone,” said designer Dawn Totty. “Natural wood finishes are becoming increasingly more popular and will be featured in all areas of the home such as, buffets, countertops, walls & ceilings, furnishings, dressers, side tables, decorative bowls, kitchen islands and utilitarian pieces such as lamps and plant containers.”

wood-looking tiles in the shower and bathroom


“Porcelain tile that looks like wood is being applied in showers, bathrooms will be everywhere,” said designer Gideon Lipnickas, designer and owner of Chicago-based remodeler New Concept 180. “It’s not limited to traditional sizes and can create a feel of a hand-scraped wood.”

“Nature will permeate every area of our home, in the form of flowers, natural woods, faux furs and earthy tones,” said UK-based interior designer Nicola Croughan. “Complementing this is the frugal trend, as we embrace the handcrafted, the recycled, and the artisanal, portraying a simpler way of life in our decor.”

Prediction: Mid Century Modern Cedes Way to Organic Shapes

Furniture will become more abstract, with softer materials mimicking natural lines.

“Instead of the boxy furniture with straight, clean lines, we will see furniture with more curves and organic shapes, said designer Alice Chiu.

abstract-lined couch that follows a more organic curve in light green

Pied-A-Terre Sofa by Anthropologie

“Comfy curved couches and puffy sofas will be really huge,” said design blogger Hamna Amjad.

Prediction: Interior Design will take a more Eco-Friendly Approach

natural looking room with earthen inspired vibes, wood furniture, brown accents, plants and greenery, and eco-friendly furniture


The natural aesthetic will be popular, but people will pay more attention to natural materials and responsible sourcing.  

“Everything from furniture to wall colors to accents will turn toward the earth,” said Amjad. “Browns, oranges and greens will become more popular.  People will look toward natural shapes, materials, and colors.” Consciously sourced and eco-friendly furniture will also be on the rise.

“It’s exciting from an interior design standpoint because it allows for rooms and decors that have greater purpose than just being aesthetically pleasing,” said interior designer Ana Zuravliova of Roman Blinds direct. “ It allows you to create rooms that have real meaning.”

Prediction: Mixed Textures and Patterns will Proliferate

mixed textures and patterns in a wooden home featuring stripes, paint, patterns, and more


We’ll see wilder mixes of textures and patterns in multiple, perhaps unexpected, areas of the home.

“Designers are going to mix a variety of textures and materials in their designs,” said Amjad.

“Geometric patterns continue to be at the forefront of future design trends,” Totty said. “Watch for geometric patterns in tiles on bathroom and kitchen floors and backsplashes as well as textiles utilized in pillows, bedding, window treatments and area rugs.”

unique textured tile with varying mixed shapes on a wall next to a copper basin with gold handles


No matter if you are a groovy hippie or one who likes to collect pieces from around the world the eclectic bohemian home will always be heavily textured with colorful and or fun patterns,” said designer and West Elm stylist Angela Leslie. “[We’ll definitely see] ethnic prints, macrame, tassels, and fringe.”

Prediction: Metallic Finishes will Increasingly Mix with Natural Materials

Brass lamp and gold furniture piece mixed with natural looking wood wall pieces


Metallics will expand to multiple parts of the home – with brass leading the way.

“Metallics aren’t going anywhere,” said Designer Bonny Ford. “Metallic decor doesn’t just have to be lamps. It can be in the form of your desk, a table, maybe even an entire wall or wall decals. You can mix metallics and add anything from silver and gold to copper, bronze, and rose gold. I always love gallery walls, and those are great places to add metallics, whether it’s in the art itself or painting the frames metallic.”

“2018 will be the year of finally mixing and matching gold, silver, brass, and copper,” said designer Ashley Marino. “Choosing a palette with two finishes can expand your design choices for the room while also making it a lot easier to add contrast to the space.

“Brass is everywhere from furniture to lighting to accessories,” said Chiu. “We see it today on sofa legs, dining chair frames, coffee tables, chandeliers, accessories, and much more.”

brass West Elm coffee table with high metallic shine next to bright teal couch

Marble-Topped Brass Pedestal Coffee Table from West Elm.

Prediction: Color and Mixed Metals Will Take Over the Kitchen

blue kitchen cabinets mixed with brass gold and metallic accent design pieces


As we spend increasing time living and entertaining in the kitchen, it will move beyond function to become a design showpiece of a home, and colorful cabinets will lead the way.

“Homeowners are going to want to revamp their space by adding color to the bottom set of cabinets in their home in 2018,” said Moreno. “Especially in farm look homes, navy bottom cabinets will be huge.”


2018 promises opportunities to take risks with design you’ve never before tried. Remember to have fun, be adventurous, and go with a design direction that reflects your personal taste. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen to make room for new painted cabinets, or going a more eco-friendly, pattern-heavy route by sourcing furniture from consignment and design boutiques, Dolly can help you make your vision a reality. We take the stress out of moving items – from stores that don’t offer delivery – or merely rearranging your existing furniture to make room for a fun new update. Get Dolly, connect with a Helper, and get your 2018 interior design move-in ready.


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