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Yelp Chicago’s 7 Best Resources for After Your Move

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Your moving truck may be gone, but moving day isn’t over. Anyone who’s survived a move knows that half the struggle of moving comes in the days that follow. There’s unpacking, setting up your electronics, assembling furniture, finding your new favorite grocery store, even just finding a good spot for dinner your first night in your new place. And if you’re moving in Chicago, this is doubly difficult. How do you find the local favorites in the third-largest city in America? The answer is Yelp Chicago. 

To help make your move easy, we pulled together some of our top resources in Chicago for after your move, using the best reviews from Yelp. While finding your own favorites will take time, these locally-loved businesses are great resources to get your first few days in Chicago started:

Best Hardware Store for Quick Fixes: Gillman Ace Hardware

Neighborhood: Logan Square
Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars
Review Highlight: “I love shopping here. I bought all the paint to redo our apartment here and he matched samples with no problems. The employees are friendly and helpful. They know the store and the products. And they’re good at what they do.”

There’s a high chance that if you are, at some point during your move, reassembling furniture, you’re going to break something. And while duct tape can make things transportable on moving day, you may not want to use it permanently. You’ll need to find a hardware store to get those little fix-it items and accessories that make a house a home. According to Yelp Chicago, that store is Gillman Ace Hardware. Reviews cite it as having friendly, helpful owners, excellent selection, and fair prices. Grab a toolkit, some nails for hanging photos, and even some duct tape.

Best Takeout for Moving Day Dinner: Silli Kori

Neighborhood: West Town
Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars
Review Highlight: “Ordered take out and it was delish. The pad thai is excellent as well as the crab rangoon. Looking forward to trying more!”

After a long day of lifting boxes, scrambling around furniture, and trying to remember where you packed your phone charger, going out might not be an option. So for moving day, order in for dinner. Yelp Chicago knows the best place to order in from is Silli Kori. Reviews list it as a tasty, affordable option for takeout with an Asian-fusion selection. Order in or get takeout so you can grab a bite while unpacking those boxes. 

Best Deep-Dish Pizza for Your First Night Out: Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Neighborhood: River North
Yelp Rating: 4 stars
Review Highlight: “Wow wow wow. First time ever trying deep dish pizza and I was not disappointed. Everything I expected and more. Also tried a couple of appetizers which were also good, though I wish I would have left more room for more pizza!”

When you’ve been trapped in your house unpacking for a full day, it’s time to get out and explore your new home. And you’re living in Chicago now, so it’s time to dive into deep dish. Yelp Chicago recommends Lou Malnati’s, a Chicago classic with over 5,000 reviews. While Yelp recommends the River North location, you’ll also find locations in South Loop, the Near North Side, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, the Near West Side, and throughout the larger Chicago area. Perfect for grabbing a bite out in the neighborhood and getting a breather from your moving woes.

Best Spot to Stock Up on Everything: Costco Ashland

Neighborhood: Ashland
Yelp Rating: 4 stars
Review Highlight: “I enjoy coming to this Costco as the employee here are pretty great. The greeters are polite and seem to actually want to be there. When checking out, people are very understanding and cheery. It is also great when people help you box your groceries or your items in a neat package.”

If you want to buy in bulk, you go to Costco. And if you want to go to Costco in Chicago, Yelp Chicago recommends the Ashland Costco. While you can usually assume all Costcos are the same, Yelp reviewers call out this one in particular for their customer service and food court quality (something reviews for the other Chicago Costco locations lack). Grab a year’s supply of toilet paper, ten pounds of frozen chicken, and all your bulk essentials to get your home set up post-move.

Best Furniture Store for New Pieces: Furniture Outlet

Neighborhood: Bucktown
Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars
Review Highlight: “The prices here are very reasonable and I was able to buy most of the furniture I need to set up my apartment. Andy was also really helpful, guiding me toward what would be the best for my space.”

Even if you brought all your furniture from your old place to your new home, you probably realized shortly after move-in that you still need something. A new side table, a lamp to compliment your bedroom setup, perhaps even a couch because your old one tragically just won’t work in its new space. Enter Furniture Outlet, the top-rated furniture store on Yelp Chicago. The furniture quality and price are well worth it, earning them a top spot on Yelp Chicago.

Best Home Organizer to Get Your Stuff in Order: The Chicago Organizer

Area: Greater Chicago
Yelp Rating: 5 stars
Review Highlight: “Saved my butt. The task was to unpack and organize a new apartment in a weekend before getting married. She came she saw she conquered. Very efficient and Jedi-like. Best investment ever.”

In the process of moving, you find plenty of things you don’t necessarily need. But when you need to move on a tight schedule, you don’t have time to declutter your entire home before putting it into boxes. That’s why so many turn to home organizers after they move, including the top-rated Chicago Organizer. They offer tailored services specific to folks who have just moved into a new home, and according to Yelp Chicago, their organizing and decluttering skills are unbeatable.

Best Moving and Heavy Lifting Help: Dolly

Area: Greater Chicago
Yelp Rating: 3.5 stars
Review Highlight: “Everything that could go wrong with my move did – except for Dolly. The movers were on time, quick, careful, kind, savvy. I am so happy I chose to use this app, especially because it was so much cheaper than the larger moving companies.”

From moving day help to on-demand furniture delivery, Dolly’s got you covered. Dolly can help with anything that requires a truck and muscle, whenever you need it. We’ll bring home your new mattress, take your unwanted items to a donation center, and even help rearrange furniture in your new place. Whatever you need heavy lifting help for, Dolly can make it happen.

There’s a lot to know and see when living in Chicago, especially if you’re new to Chicago. But with these resources, moving day (and even moving week) can be easier, setting you up for a great start in Chicago. 

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