How Veterans Use Dolly to Join the Gig Economy

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Working in a division of the U.S. Military is one of the toughest jobs in the world – just ask any Veteran you know how gruelling their time in the military was, and they’ll have quite a few stories to tell you. But one of the lesser known challenges for service members doesn’t happen while they’re serving: it happens once they come home.

Finding a job as a veteran is a unique challenge: whether it was 3 years serving in the military or 20, there will undoubtedly be changes in how to find a job when a vet reenters the workforce. While Pete K. was able to find a full-time job after his 9 years of service in the Air Force, he knows that his experience isn’t the same for every vet. “About 200,000 service members transition back to civilian life each year,” he explains. “For some of these members, finding employment can be difficult. Even where and how you search for jobs has changed dramatically since the last time some of these veterans were in the civilian workforce.”

But Pete and many other veterans found Dolly – and they got back to work immediately.

Bringing the Muscle

For Pete, Dolly is a side hustle that lets him use his truck. Like all of our Dolly Helpers, Pete uses his pickup truck to move items for members of the community who needs a truck and some muscle. He started working as a Dolly Helper after years of being asked by friends to use his truck for moving.

“Owning a truck means that your friends and your friend’s friends without trucks are constantly asking you to help them move things. Because of that, I wondered if there was an app that allowed friends to find a pickup truck on demand. I came across Dolly, and now, if I’m not available to help my friends out, I know that I can point them to a network of high quality and reliable Helpers with trucks via the Dolly app.”

Pete’s happy his friends can rely on Dolly when he can’t help them out, but he also likes that being a Dolly Helper means he can get paid to use his truck and pick his own schedule. “Dolly is a side job for me. I enjoy the ability to pick up a job when I’m available, and the Helper app is awesome, it makes finding and scheduling gigs so easy.”

The Veteran Difference

One of the best parts of being a Dolly Helper when you’re a veteran is that it allows you to continue some of the values you’ve learned from your time in service. In addition to the chance to get paid to work out so you can stay in bootcamp shape, Dolly also gives you a chance to serve your community and help people in your area.

“It’s been a great experience so far! Dolly allows me to meet new people in the community, earn some extra cash, and even get in a workout.” And Pete thinks it’s a great opportunity for veterans to enter one of the fastest growing parts of the workforce. “I truly believe everyone, especially veterans, should get some experience working in the ‘gig economy’ with a service like Dolly. Even if it’s only a couple jobs a month, you’ll learn a lot more about how this on-demand company works and get paid to do it!”

To learn more about veterans at Dolly and to apply to be a Dolly Helper, check out our Military Service page.

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