Smooth Moving No Matter the Weather: Moving in a Winter Storm

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In late winter 2018, the East Coast was hit by Winter Storm Toby, coating everywhere from Washington DC up to Maine with snow, wind, and a whole lot of cold. But life doesn’t stop for some snow – and for Dolly customer Felicia, that meant taking care of a huge move in the midst of the snowstorm in Landsdowne, Pennsylvania, regardless of the weather.

Keeping a Cool Head

“For about a month, I planned the clean-out of my father’s house, which was being sold.” Felicia needed to move a slew of heavy furniture, plus a refrigerator, sofa, table, and exercise equipment out of the house before closing – far more than she could handle moving on her own, and she’d planned for that, asking her family to visit for a few days to help. And then Winter Storm Toby hit.

“Unfortunately, two days before closing, a nor’easter was forecasted to target the Philadelphia area. My moving team was cut in half from four to two, just me and my husband, when my family couldn’t make it because of the storm.” Not only did the storm hit with little time to spare, it hit in full force the morning of Felicia’s moving day. “I had to scramble at seven o’clock in the morning to come up with an alternate plan.” And thankfully, Felicia knew just the on-demand moving helpers to call.

Smooth Moving, Come Rain or Snow

“I remembered seeing the Philly Voice article about Dolly. I quickly logged onto and booked a move. After that, I raced to my father’s house to try to get there ahead of the storm.” At this point, the snow was already starting to fall – but Felicia wasn’t giving up, and neither was the Dolly team. “I received a text message from Doll letting me know that someone was working on my move and that I would be contacted shortly. In the meantime, I told my husband to clear out our garage to make room.”

Within a few minutes, relief finally came for Felicia. “Soon I received a text message from Justin O. accepting my move request, but he was waiting for an assistant. Not long after that, I received a text message from Jared M. also accepting my move request.” With two Helpers secured to assist, Justin and Jared headed over to Felicia’s father’s home to get to work.

“Aside from moving in a snowstorm, Justin and Jared also had the challenge of not having access to easy parking. They had nowhere to park on my father’s block. But they found spots nearby and didn’t let that stop them.”

With parking secured, the Helpers got to work. “They picked up everything I needed moved and took it to my house about 10 miles away.” In the middle of the snowstorm, Justin and Jared drove across town with a truck full of Felicia’s furniture. “When I called my husband to find out how the drop-off went, he immediately began to praise them. He said they did excellent work.”

With the items secure and Felicia safely closing up her father’s house, the treacherous move was finished just in time for the snow to start piling up – and she no longer needed to worry about consequences on late closing of her father’s house.

“My experience with Dolly was terrific. I don’t know what I would have done without them.” We’re here for all your moves, come wind, rain, or a snowstorm!

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