Hold Your Horses: How Dolly Moved 600 Pounds of Hay

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“Hay is for horses” is just a saying, right? Well, not if you’re visiting Kyri’s stable in Englewood, Colorado, where Kyri’s family horse eats hay bales by the hundreds. Here, hay really is for horses – and hay is heavy.

One (of many) struggles of a horse eating so much hay? Moving it. Especially when each bale is sixty pounds. It’d be a struggle for anyone, and Kyri was done moving it all herself. But no moving company would come move hay bales, so who was going to help?

That’s how Kyri met Dolly.

Hold Your Horses

For Kyri, taking care of her horse is like taking care of any family member – even when it requires some extra lifting. “My husband and I have two cats, one dog, and a horse. As time has passed, many of the household chores have begun to get harder and I have kept an eye out for ways to handle the labors of keeping house and ‘family.’”

While the family horse doesn’t live with Kyri (they rent space at a stable nearby), he does require a lot of work. “I buy hay 100 bales at a time in order to get a good price at delivery, but only a portion of it will fit in my main feed room at a time. I saw Dolly online and thought this might be a great way to get some assistance with the heavy moving jobs that invariably arise in life, but which are getting to be beyond me or my husband. I love the idea that I could just schedule some muscular help for an hour or two, without a huge commitment or long-term planning.”

With a huge stack of hay bales taking up space in the feed room, Kyri headed to the Dolly website to book Helpers. She entered her info, but the price she saw wasn’t right. Thankfully, the Dolly Support team was ready to help. “Okay, I’ll fess up. [The price issue] was purely user error. I left a message for the Dolly customer service, and they responded within an hour, directing me to the Labor Only part of the site. That was much more what I had in mind.”

With the hourly labor only rate sounding more reasonable than she’d expected, Kyri booked the Dolly, settled in, and waited. “I knew exactly how much fun [the Helpers] would have shuffling hay bales (wink, wink!).”

Moving At a Trot

A few days later, at Kyri’s planned time, two Helpers arrived at the stable to help with the move. “Brian and Zack were the perfect solution to my little job! Brian had had some experience with hay previously, too. The two of them were absolute princes! They were both unfailingly cheerful, and worked their butts off!”

Brian and Zack moved the hay for Kyri – all 100 sixty-pound bales of it. Afterwards, Kyri was satisfied to have found a new way to offload physically demanding work. “Fortunately, I don’t have to order hay in more than once or twice a year, but I’ve broken the ice and set up the account with Dolly, and I know I’ll be more than happy to think of them when manual labor rears it ugly head around my house or barn.”“I was really impressed with both the planning, the young men, and the overall service, and will definitely be referring my friends to the Dolly service for the future, with no hesitation at all. And boy! What a relief not to be worried about those weird moving/lifting jobs that always seem to be hanging over my head! Thanks, Dolly!”

We’ll raise a trough – er, glass to that!

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