San Diego Furniture: Our Favorite Unique Furniture Spots in America’s Finest City

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Have you ever gone to a friend’s place for dinner, looked around, and thought, “That side table looks really familiar…”? A moment later, you realize that you have it in your living room, or another friend has it in their den. And sometimes, it’s not just a similar table – it’s the exact same one. With so many big retailers taking over the furniture space, it’s easy to find the same furniture in every home (we’re looking at you, IKEA Lack tables). And in a city as diverse and vibrant as San Diego, it doesn’t have to be that way: there are plenty of San Diego furniture stores that have pieces so unique, you’ll be the only one of your friends – and even your neighbors – to have it.

There are hundreds to choose from, but when looking for unique furniture in San Diego, we have a few favorites. Just make sure that while you’re shopping, you don’t forget about how you’ll get your new pieces home – Dolly can deliver your new pieces to your home and take your old pieces to the dump without you lifting a finger. Now, let’s get shopping!

Our Favorite Unique San Diego Furniture Stores

Boomerang for Modern

Specializing in furniture from the 1940s – ’70s, Boomerang’s vintage collection is full of one-of-a-kind treasures. And despite their style period sounding dated, you’ll be surprised by how timeless this San Diego furniture mainstay looks.

Skylar’s Home and Patio

We didn’t even know that a table like this existed, but now that we do know, we want one! And while nothing beats a table like this, everything at Skylar’s feels fresh and unique, from hand-braided poufs to triangular side tables. Skylar’s is sure to have something no one else will have for your home or your backyard.

Timeless Furnishings & Patio

From reclaimed pieces to vintage-inspired looks, Timeless Furnishings has everything for your home or patio, all with a rustic touch. And unlike true vintage pieces, Timeless’ collection has a lot less wear and tear – meaning it’ll last you a lifetime.


Filled with exclusive designer furniture lines, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, and decor for all styles, AT-HOM is the perfect place to find unique furniture in San Diego. Keep an eye out for mid-century modern swivel chairs, mirrored chests, and oversized wall mount headboards to spice up your home.

San Diego Rustic Imports

It’s nearly impossible to find a San Diego Rustic piece elsewhere: each piece is imported from Asia, Africa, Central America, and more. And with a massive warehouse to boot, it’s hard to not find something you like, especially with so many reclaimed wood furniture pieces and their unending home decor collection.

Hold It Contemporary Home Furniture

A disco ball-inspired coffee table is just the tip of the iceberg for Hold It’s unique designs. Hand-selected by the Hold It team, their designer furniture collection is one of the coolest in San Diego. If modern furniture is your favorite disco beat, Hold It is the perfect San Diego furniture store for you.

San Diego Urban Timber

San Diego Urban Timber makes pieces that are truly one of a kind, turning reclaimed wood into tables, chairs, cutting boards, and more. Whether you’re looking for a small piece to accent our space, or have a fully-fledged custom job in mind, San Diego Urban Timber can build any jaw-dropping wood piece you need.

Urban Fusion Decor

This San Diego furniture mainstay where mid-century modern meets contemporary customization will build you anything. Lime green chair? Check. Bright red sectional with yellow pillows? Consider it done. Velvet loveseat? Absolutely. Urban Fusion Decor has got it all covered.

Nativa Interiors

What started as a hub of imported furniture from Argentina has expanded to import the best furniture from around the world: no matter your taste, Nativa has something beautiful for your home. Glass-top coffee tables, fine leather sectionals, and hand-carved wood bed frames are just a few of the imported items Nativa has to offer.

The Workshop Furniture Design & Restoration

If you have a Pinterest board titled, “rustic chic,” The Workshop is the place for you. Farmhouse-inspired and reclaimed vintage pieces are the norm at The Workshop, with a few pieces even having one-of-a-kind customizations. And though the pieces look expensive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that many of them are absolutely affordable.

Whether you’re using furniture to upgrade to a more polished look, or are just looking to add a statement piece to your home, Dolly can help make it happen. Our Helpers from throughout the San Diego region will hand-deliver your pieces to your home, without the all-day delivery windows or wild prices. Wherever you’re shopping for furniture in San Diego, Dolly is ready to help you with the heavy lifting.

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