Tiny Home Living, Made Possible with Dolly

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If you’ve watched HGTV or DIY Network recently, you’ve noticed a trendy new type of house: tiny homes, often under 300 square feet. Portlandian Juliet Zimmer was happy to be jumping on the trend, so when she decided to move to San Diego, the 200 square foot cottage she found there was perfect.

But at only 200 square feet, moving all of her belongings in at once was impossible. So she left many of her belongings – including her beloved pottery wheel – at her brother’s home nearby. After a few days of unpacking, she was ready to finish setting up her home, but the moving truck and movers she’d used to get from Portland to San Diego were long gone.

That’s when Juliet heard about Dolly.

In Need of Wheels

“I wanted to transport a few items, including a heavy pottery wheel,” Juliet explained. “I didn’t want to kill an afternoon, throw out my back, rent a truck, and then get gouged with their mileage and gas – we all know it’s not really $19.99.”

With the problem on her mind, Juliet checked her mail, and among magazines and letters she discovered a coupon for Dolly.

“I was actually looking for help with [moving] items. I was so pleased to learn about Dolly and was happy to find a resource to make my move easier!” Juliet downloaded the app and within a few minutes, a Dolly was booked for her pottery wheel and a few other items.

Dolly Saves the Day

“My experience with Dolly was great! My Helper was super friendly and was able to accommodate shifting our schedule time to earlier in the afternoon the same day of transport. The actual move was easy, I was able to do it all on a 30 minute lunch break.”

Now, Juliet is enjoying her pottery wheel in her new (tiny) home thanks to Dolly. “Speaking from experience, Dolly is easy and convenient. I’ll be using Dolly again.”

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