How a Ping Pong Table and Dolly Brightened a Chicago Office

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Everyone loves playing games, especially when you get to play them at work! But that probably won’t convince your boss to buy a company ping pong table. And if you need to pay to get the table delivered? You may as well say goodbye to your dream of an office-wide ping-pong championship.

For Tim Whalen, Owner and Creative Director of Big Foot Media in Chicago, delivery was the problem. His team was thrilled when Tim told them his friend was willing to give them a ping pong table for the office. “We knew we had to have it. But none of us had a car or truck big enough to haul it,” Tim explained.

Tim thought he could rent a truck and haul it back to the office. But that would take a lot of time, and a lot of money. Even if the ping pong table was free, was it worth all that trouble?

That’s when his co-worker mentioned Dolly.

The Ping-Pong (Table) Master

Tim hadn’t heard of Dolly before, but it sounded simple: enter your details, get your price, book your Dolly. Using Dolly to move the table would be faster, easier, and cheaper than renting a truck.

“[The table] was too big for any of our cars, so we hit up Dolly.” Tim chose his preferred date and time and was matched to two helpers. On the night of the pickup, he headed to his friend’s house to help out with the pick-up. “As the Dolly Helpers were on their way, my friend asked, ‘are there two guys coming, or just one?’ I told him two, to which his response was, ‘Guess I don’t have to lift a finger, might as well crack a beer!’ And then we virtually gave a cheers as our Dolly was in transit!”

The Big Foot Media team enjoys some down time with their new ping pong table.

The next day, Tim’s team arrived at work and saw the ping pong table ready for a showdown in their office, all thanks to Dolly’s help. They’ve been enjoying the table so much that they even made a video showing off their ping pong skills.

“This was great. Dolly helped us out in a pinch and saved us some money on rental or moving vans!” We’ll raise our virtual glasses and cheers to that.

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