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Take Your Show on the Road: How to Pack a TV for Moving

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Your television – your respite, your escape, your trusted GoT binge-watching friend. It sits comfortably on its perch atop your entertainment center—or better, floating above the room,  mounted securely to the wall—ready to deliver the gift of entertainment. Now has come the time, though, to move your TV to a new apartment or house. And you want to be sure to move it safely and securely so it can provide you with many warm nights to come.

Whenever you move anything sensitive or delicate, it helps to have a plan. Dismounting and packing TV for moving is no different. And while isn’t complicated, it does require care. Its glass and electrical components can be very sensitive, so you have to ensure you’re properly protecting it against the tumult of a move.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Painter’s and packing tape (painter’s tape is a good choice when taping cords and bubble wrap to the TV itself)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blanket
  • Packing peanuts or packing paper
  • A large television box
  • A trusted helper
  • A Sharpie or marker

With supplies in hand, here are a few steps to consider to properly dismount your television from the wall, pack, and move it to your new pad.

#1: Disconnect electricity. This is always the first step when dealing with appliances. Electricity is not your friend, so remove it from the equation. Tape the TV’s power cord securely to the back with painter’s tape.

#2: Disconnect and remove all cords from cable boxes, video games, and sound systems. Make sure they’re out of the way so you don’t get tangled up in them while removing the TV from the wall.

#3: Remove your TV from a wall bracket. If your TV is mounted on a bracket, it will likely be attached both to the wall and the television. You want to remove the television from the bracket, and then deal with the bracket second. Don’t think you’ll save time by removing the bracket with the TV attached. It will likely damage your wall, and hurt both you and your television.

#4: Recruit a helper. After unscrewing the television from the wall bracket, call a friend. Yes, you really need two people. We know TVs are lighter than ever, but they’re also awkwardly shaped and easy to break. There’s no good reason to risk hurting yourself or breaking the TV so you can knock it out on your own.

#5: Dismount the TV. You and your helper can now dismount the TV from the bracket. Lift it slowly and set it down someplace flat and safe.

#6: Set your TV in a safe place. Typically it’s good to leave the TV upright, like it would be if you were watching it. But if you don’t have the stand, don’t risk it tipping and falling. Set it someplace flat and soft – like the middle of your bed. Do not tilt it against a wall or against a couch, or put it near the edge of a table.

#7: Remove the bracket from the wall. With the TV out of the way, this should be relatively straightforward. Remove bolts and anchor screws, and place everything together for bagging and packing later.

#8: Protect the TV’s screen. Next, cut two pieces of cardboard roughly size of the screen and attach them to the front with painters tape. This added protection ensures nothing can push in, dent, or crack the screen during a move.

#9: Pack your TV. Now, use bubble wrap to wrap your TV two-to-three times lengthwise. Secure with moving tape.  Then, wrap the TV with a large moving blanket and secure tightly with moving tape.

#10: Use a dedicated TV box. You might think bubble wrap and moving blankets are all you need – but if you want to protect your precious appliance, you really need a solid box. Didn’t keep the giant moving box your TV came in? Who does?! But these boxes, you may remember, are typically constructed of stiff, sturdy cardboard that won’t get crushed when stacked alongside other boxes. You can easily buy a TV box online to fit your television. Considering the cost of replacing your TV, it’s well worth the money.

#11: With your helper, lift and lower your TV into the box, and then tape securely. Using a marker, note the direction of the top of the television so movers don’t stack it on its head and risk damaging it. Your new TV box may have a “this side up!” note on its side. If it does not – use the marker.

#12: Fill the box. Use packing peanuts or tons of crushed moving paper. This extra insulation will help fill any spaces that may get crunched during your move.

#13: Keep it upright. When moving your TV, don’t lay it on its side, or stack anything atop its flat side – and don’t place it anywhere precarious where it might easily fall onto the ground or out of the truck when you arrive at your new apartment. If you have anything soft, like mattresses (not box springs!), consider putting your TV between them for extra security. A professional mover will know all the tips and tricks to keep your TV safe and secure during the move – so if you’re just not comfortable loading your truck with this and other items, consider booking a Dolly for your move. We do this for a living, after all, and have moved as many TVs as we have beds (probably more, actually).

#14: Enjoy! Unload, unpack and unwrap your TV and enjoy in your new pad. Honestly, it’s probably the first thing you’ll do while eating pizza on the ground in your new place. So make sure it arrives in one piece!

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