Do I Need To Hire A Mover?

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When embarking on the daunting task of moving, it’s good to get your ducks in a row right from the beginning. Scheduling your plan of attack can make moving a stress and hassle-free experience, so the first thing to do is figure out who is helping you get from point A to B. We’ve compiled a guide to help you decide who is the right person for the job and can hopefully save you some money and/or time along the way!

Where Are You Moving?

Crossing the country or state lines? Your options are slim: You can rent and pack a moving truck yourself or hire professionals.

  • Moving companies take care of every step of the moving process, but can be expensive! If time and convenience is more important than saving money, then this is the way to go.
  • DIY Moving is a cheaper option and can help you get rid of stuff you don’t absolutely need.

Relocating within the same state or city? You’ve got more options which means more ways for you to save time and money!

  • Expect to  be charged at least $300 to cover all the expenses if you decide to go with a professional moving company—regardless of distance traveled.
  • Looking to save money? Try Using Dolly for your large items and use your own vehicle for the smaller items.
    • No car? If borrowing a friend’s time or car is out of the picture, we can easily transport all of your items to your new home or apartment.

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How Much Are You Moving?

The size and scope of your moving operation should greatly influence who you decide to hire to help move. If you’re relocating your entire family to a new home, there are benefits to hiring professionals to take care of larger-scale jobs.

  • Lots of stuff? Professional movers are well versed in packing, lifting, and fitting large amounts of items safely and efficiently and will save you the potential headache of coordinating multiple trips back and fourth. If you can afford the much higher cost, pro movers are the most standard option for those with lots of stuff and little time to spare.
  • Looking to downsize? If your move is in the studio apartment to two-bedroom scale, there are alternatives to traditional movers to consider.
    • Most apartment moves have somewhere around 10 large items.
      • Using Dolly to move 10 items across town (i.e. West Seattle to Ravenna for example) can cost as little as $99!
    • While requiring some help from friends, this option will save you the most money and you’ll be able to afford plenty of pizza and beer to bribe your friends into helping you with the smaller and easier items.
  • Got a huge item like a piano or a gun safe? 
    •  Your safest and best bet for an item like a piano is a professional moving service that specializes in moves of this size.

When Are You Moving?

If you need to book a mover the same day your best bet is using a quickly scheduled service like Dolly or renting a truck; both are available early in the morning until late at night.

  • In A Hurry? Dolly or another on demand service may be the best option to get your items hauled quickly and conveniently. If you have more items than can fit in a pickup truck or van and have a car to get you to the rental location, perhaps renting a moving truck may be the right option for you.
  • Got Time? If you’re in no hurry to get to your new spot, other factors like price and convenience should determine whether or not you hire conventional movers or try an alternative like Dolly.

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Still worried about the cost?

Get an idea of how much your move will cost with our infographic on how to estimate your cost of moving.

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