Military Move: Dolly Makes Moving Easy for a Military Family

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When you’re moving, who do you call for help? The classic answer is your friends – and you offer them beer and pizza for the help. And when your friends aren’t around to help? Well, you pray for the best and rent a truck.

That was what Kirstin was planning on doing when she needed to move furniture out of her house so that she could stage it – all while her husband was in military training, and her friends were out of town. She was stuck in a tough situation, and was in need of serious moving help.

Training for the Military Family Move

Kirstin and her husband were looking forward to selling their home, but had a few steps before they could sign their papers. “We were preparing to sell our home, and needed to move some big furniture pieces to storage to prepare the home for showings. Unfortunately, my husband was sent to a military training and unable to come back to help me.”

With her husband in training, Kirstin turned to the next best thing: her friends. But most military families don’t stay put for long: “[Because we moved here for my husband’s military assignment], most of our friends are also military and frequently out of town, so on such short notice it was challenging to get enough help to get everything accomplished that we needed done on the days I wasn’t working. We desperately needed an affordable, last minute option that could move just a few large pieces to a storage unit right down the road!”

Helpers in Formation

While Kirstin’s friends couldn’t help, one of them did have a suggestion: Dolly. They told Kirstin that she could get two Helpers and a pickup truck to take care of moving her items to the storage unit. And she was sold when she realized how quickly she could book: “The app was flawless, I was able to easily book a Dolly during my lunch break at work.”

Kirstin’s Helpers arrived the next day ready to help. “The Helpers were awesome guys, their communication was great from the start and they were incredibly thoughtful and careful moving our furniture. They made this once-stressful situation a breeze and took a huge weight off of my shoulders as I was trying to balance my job, staging our home, and preparing for a move across the country all while my husband was away for six weeks. Not to mention the affordable price – I would’ve had to pay ‘standard’ movers twice the price for the same job.”

And while anyone would be thankful for great movers, Kirstin felt she was particularly lucky to have found Dolly: “As a female doing this move alone, both my spouse and I were somewhat worried about the safety of having movers in our home. But the Helpers were phenomenal and so very respectful. The convenience, thoughtfulness of the employees, and safety of using this app is a huge win.”

If there’s one thing we love, it’s turning your dreaded move into a happy win. If you need moving help, book a Dolly and we’ll make your move a breeze.

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