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Mattress Return Policies 101: How to Return a Mattress to Casper, IKEA, & More

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If there’s one thing Goldilocks understood, it’s that not every mattress feels just right. You find one you like in the store, you buy it, you bring it home, you sleep on it, and suddenly…it’s not the perfect mattress anymore. Finding a mattress that ultimately isn’t perfect is a much more common happenstance than you think, so much so that stores with typically flexible return policies have special rules for returning mattresses. And with something so bulky and heavy, returning mattresses can be a hard thing to do.

But if you’re stuck trying to return a mattress, rest assured that it is doable. Here are the return policies of some of the biggest names in mattress sales, plus some tips and tricks for how to bring that mattress back (without paying a fortune).

Mattress Return Policies

Amazon Mattress Return Policy

Amazon is known for its generous return policy, and that seems to extend to mattresses…with a catch. Almost all mattresses sold on Amazon can be returned using their normal return policy, but you won’t be expected to box it up. You’ll be put in touch with their Large Items team, which will schedule a day and time to pick up the mattress from your home.

As for whether you’ll be refunded, that’s a question that’s largely left up to the seller. While some mattresses sold on Amazon (including the AmazonBasics mattresses) are generous with issuing refunds, third-party sellers on Amazon have more flexibility and are more likely to deny refunds. Check the Q&A and reviews sections on the mattress you’re interested in before buying to see what other customers’ return experiences have been like if you’re going to buy a mattress from a third-party seller.

Ashley Furniture Mattress Return Policy

Generally, Ashley Furniture allows returns within 72 hours of delivery–but when it comes to mattresses, it’s a different story. According to BestCompany, Ashley Furniture’s mattress return policy is, in short, “nope.” They don’t accept returns for mattresses, foundations, or adjustable beds.

The exception? If one of these items arrives damaged, you may be able to return it and get a new one. But you only have 72 hours to contact the manufacturer after its delivery–note that it’s the manufacturer you need to contact, not Ashley Furniture. If it’s outside of the 72 hour window, you’re on your own, so think twice before buying a mattress there.

Casper Return Policy

One of the hallmarks of Casper mattresses is that it comes in a box, a fact that’s all fine and good, but often scares potential customers into asking, “If I want to return it, do I need to squeeze it back in the box?” Thankfully, no squeezing is required. Casper mattress returns are actually quite simple.

Their trial policy allows for 100 nights to try out your Casper mattress, pillows, or even sheets (certain products, like their platform bed, bed frames, and their popular dog bed, only allow for a 30 night trial). If you don’t love the product, you’ll need to contact Casper returns within those 100 nights. They’ll send a team to pack up and take away the mattress, then refund your original payment method in full. They also try to recycle or donate each mattress that’s returned.

But one caveat: if you bought your Casper mattress from a third-party seller, you’re stuck with their return policy–not Casper’s.

Costco Mattress Return Policy

Can you return a mattress to Costco? In short, yes. You’ll just have to get it to a Costco returns counter at your local Costco store. Unlike some other retailers, they won’t send a team out to your home to collect it, so you’re on your own to get it there.

Thankfully, Dolly can help. You can book a Dolly to bring your mattress back to Costco so you can skip tying it to the roof of your car or shoving it in your backseat. Dolly will connect you with a local truck driver who’s ready to help, and you can even ride along with them to Costco to make the return fast and easy.

IKEA Mattress Return Policy

Good news: you don’t need to disassemble your IKEA mattress to return it…but that’s only because you didn’t need to assemble it at all. If you don’t love a mattress you purchased from IKEA, you’ll be happy to hear the IKEA mattress return policy is as generous as the rest of their returns. You have two options for returning your mattress to IKEA:

  1. Exchange it for another mattress within 365 days of purchase.
  2. Return it for a full refund within 365 days of purchase.

In both cases, you’ll need to ensure the mattress is clean and free of stains and damage for a successful return. You’ll also need to provide a valid photo ID when you bring it in for a return, one that matches the name on the card used for the original payment. Unless you choose the exchange option, you’ll be refunded to the original form of payment. It is up to you to bring your mattress to the store, so get some help returning your mattress with Dolly.

Macy’s Mattress Return Policy

Whereas some of the mattress return policies are surprisingly simple, Macy’s mattress return policy is complicated. If you purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress, an iComfort mattress, or a Direct Ship mattress, you’ll have to follow specific instructions found here for return, and may not be able to get as much money back.

For every other brand, you have 60 days to call Macy’s Customer Service to schedule a return or reselection, which must be scheduled within 14 days of the call. You can only return undamaged, unsoiled, and unstained mattresses, and your delivery fee won’t be refunded. You’ll also be charged a $85 pick-up fee when returning, plus a 15% “preference fee” (one can assume this is for restocking).

Mattress Firm Return Policy

Mattress Firm’s return policy asks that you do one thing before returning a mattress: give it an honest try. You won’t be able to exchange or return a mattress from Mattress Firm within the first 21 nights of purchasing it so you can give your body time to adjust.

After that, you’re allowed to exchange your Mattress Firm mattress once, but will need to pay for it. An $80-$100 delivery fee will be charged, and you won’t get back the full price of the mattress. You’ll lose 10% due to a restocking fee. The remaining amount will be used to exchange for a new mattress.

If you choose to return your mattress, you’ll also pay $80-$100 for delivery. You’ll get your money back, minus a restocking fee of 20% of the original mattress price.

Nectar Mattress Return Policy

Nectar has one thing going for them in their return policy that no one else has: a 365 trial period. Yes, that’s a full year to test the mattress and return it if it’s not right for you. If you don’t open your mattress, you can initiate a full return or a full exchange immediately. Once your mattress is opened, you’ll need to wait 30 days after delivery before you can do either.

To return an opened Nectar mattress, it’s pretty simple: contact them to initiate a return more than 30 days after delivery (but no more than 365 days after). They’ll refund you completely, though there are few details in their policy about how, exactly, they’ll get the mattress back. If you need help bringing the mattress back to one of their warehouses or distributors, book a Dolly to get it out of your hands.

You’re also able to exchange your mattress once in the 365 day period. The situation is similar to returning: contact Nectar, return your mattress, then order a new one. Again, it has to be more than 30 days after delivery if it’s opened (but no more than 365 days after), and the mattress still needs to be in good condition.

Purple Mattress Return Policy

Purple’s mattress return policy is a bit shorter than some of the others, offering 100 days to test the mattress out for yourself. At 100 days, it’s a bit less time to get used to their mattress, but they do offer full refunds and exchanges. They also don’t require 30 days to try it out, though they do recommend it.

Returning a Purple mattress is easy: just contact them to initiate a return, and they’ll coordinate a pickup of the mattress, then give you a full refund. For an exchange, it’s about the same, but you have 30 days to buy a new mattress from Purple.

Sears Mattress Return Policy

The Sears mattress return policy is similar to many of the other department store mattress return policies. In case of damage, you have three days to contact Sears. But if you’re just interested in a return or exchange, you have 180 days to test the bed out and decide if it’s right for you. Like Nectar and others, they require 30 days on the mattress before returning to ensure you’ve given it a solid try.

Keep in mind that Sears does have a restocking fee of 15% for returned mattresses, so that’s 15% of your purchase price that you won’t see again. And for display mattresses that are purchased, no returns are permitted, as they’re purchased as is.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Return Policy

Tuft and Needle may be famous for their mattress in a box, but thankfully, you don’t need to shove it back into a box to return it. In fact, they make their returns fairly simple. If you purchased your mattress directly from Tuft & Needle, you have 100 nights to test your Tuft & Needle mattress out, then if you don’t like it, email [email protected] to start your return. They’ll pick up the mattress using a third party delivery service (which they’ll pay for) and donate it locally. Altogether, it’s one of the easiest mattress return policies.

If you purchased a Tuft and Needle mattress from a retailer, like Lowe’s, Amazon, or Walmart, you’ll have to follow a different set of return instructions through that specific retailer. Read up on that policy here.

What to Do If You Can’t Return Your Mattress

Whether your trial period has run out, or you made the ultimate mistake of cutting off the mattress tag, there are times when your mattress just can’t be returned. If that’s the case, don’t panic and leave it on the street. There are plenty of eco-friendly ways to deal with your unwanted mattress.

Donate it. If your mattress is still in good condition, contact local donation sites to see if they’ll accept it. Some major donation centers, like Goodwill or Salvation Army, have specific rules about which mattresses they can accept, so call beforehand to double check. You can also check with local homeless shelters and women’s shelters to see if they’re interested in accepting a gently-used mattress.

Sell it. You won’t be able to get the full retail price for it, but a barely used mattress can sell for anywhere from $50-$200 on local sales sites. Try OfferUp or Craigslist to see if you can make some of your money back. Just make sure that you list it as “used” so you don’t deceive any potential buyers.

Recycle it. No, this option isn’t just leaving it on the street. Check out these options for eco-friendly mattress disposal to take care of your mattress without hurting the environment.

Figuring out which mattress is right for you is hard enough, so take some of the difficulty out of it with Dolly. Dolly connects you with local truck owners who can move your mattress, whether it’s back to the store you purchased it from, to a donation center, or bringing home a replacement mattress. Dolly is available on-demand, so you can get help moving your mattress anytime. With Dolly, you’ll sleep easy knowing your mattress is in good hands.

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