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How to Move a Pool Table Without Breaking Your Back

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We all love having a room where we can relax, unwind and just have fun. For those of you who love a little competitive atmosphere in your room, a pool table is a must. When moving into a place with a bigger room that allows for more space, the pool table is a definite challenge to move but, it can be done. For those of you who already have a pool table set up and just can’t part with it for your move, we give you the easiest step by step of how to move a pool table without breaking the bank or your back. 

Step 1: Gathering Supplies and Labeling

    There are many little individual pieces and screws that put together a pool table. The best way to go about disassembling your table for the move is going to require some organization. We recommend whipping out that old instruction manual (if you can find it), label bags and boxes for each of the pieces to go into. The last thing you want to do is lose or confuse pieces during this whole process. From there, gather the supplies you’ll need to take your pool table apart. 

You’ll need the following:

  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Staple remover (for your felt)
  • Shrinkwrap 
  • Thick blankets for protection

Step 2: Enlisting Help

      Pool tables are extremely heavy and bulky. We highly recommend that no one tackles this project by themselves. For reference, a single pool table weighs about 1,000 lbs! When removing heavier pieces such as your table’s slates which can weigh about 450 lbs each, enlist the help of strong friends or a professional to help. Make sure you have at least 3 helpers for when you have to navigate your pool table pieces through narrow corners, stairs, etc and into a truck.

Step 3: Disassembling Your Pool Table

     Now that you’ve gathered your tools and helpers, it’s time to take your pool table apart and get it ready to move. First, remove the pockets, you will need a staple remover or a screwdriver depending on your table. Next, remove the rails by using a wrench to unscrew the bolts from each rail. Now it’s time to remove the felt, if your felt is stapled it is easier to remove, however, be very careful on this step as it is the easiest to cause irreplaceable damage.

If your felt is glued, it is not easy to remove but there is a way recommended by 10 Sorts. Now that you’ve conquered the felt, it’s time to remove the heaviest pieces which are the slates. Plan on having a power drill nearby as well as all of your helpers. Finally, it’s time to remove the legs from the remainder of the base. Like visuals? This video will help you know where each and every part is. 

Step 4: Protecting the Parts and Load Up

    Hopefully, during disassembly, you stayed organized and placed all of the smaller pieces in labeled bags and boxes. For the heavier items, we highly recommend shrink wrap and moving blankets to help protect the varnished wood from scratching. When loading up, it’s very important that the slates are the most protected as they are the heaviest.  

Step 5: Reassembling Your Pool Table

    You’ve finally moved in, found the perfect room to relax and have all of your competitive fun in. If you held onto your instruction manual, it will help guide through the rebuilding process. If not, don’t fret, reassembling is just the opposite of taking the pool table apart. First, buy some pizza, beer and get some buddies or helpers to reassemble. Second reattach the frame together, if your frame came pre-built and you didn’t have to disassemble it for the move, then skip this step.

Third, reattach the legs to the base of the frame. They each have slots in the corner so that the legs should slide right in and secure the nuts with the socket wrench. Fourth, locate the center of the table by using a measuring tape and attach the center slate followed by the other two on even sides. If you have a 1 slate table these instructions will vary. Now reattach the felt up top by locating the holes for the bolts.

Finally align the rails with the felt and the pockets. We recommend watching the video below as a guide as it can be easier to visualize if you lost the manual. Now you’re ready to show off your pool skills!

**Dolly is unable to perform pool table moves but offers labor-only help with the heavy lifting and disassembly of your pool table. Learn more here 

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