From Taking Notes to Taking Dollys: A Student Athlete’s Side Hustle

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Most Dolly Helpers and professional movers like to stay in shape so they can help with your heavy lifting. But occasionally, there’s a Helper or mover who’s the opposite: they like to help with your heavy lifting so they can stay in shape. And in the case of one Seattle-area Helper, he’s doing so because he’s a Division I athlete.

That Helper is Jack B., a five-star Dolly Helper, Seattle University senior, and a nationally recognized Division 1 swimmer.

Working for the Swim Meet-Filled Weekend

Jack’s journey with Dolly began with a problem many college students face: the cost of living in the city. “I heard about dolly through an ad of Facebook. I couldn’t justify driving around my pickup truck in Seattle without using it to its full potential. When I saw the Dolly ad I knew it was a perfect fit for my current situation.”

In addition to the cost of parking near Seattle University, where Jack is a senior, he had some other expenses to worry about. “I spend over $100 per week on groceries due to the high caloric demands of swimming, and Dolly helps me pay for my big appetite.” And it doesn’t hurt that lifting people’s heavy furniture keeps him in shape for swim season, either, which is particularly important as Jack is the swim team’s captain. “What I love most about Dolly is that it is not just a job, it’s a WORKOUT. During the offseason of my training I enjoy the workout and the money!”

Another great perk of completing Dollys? Jack’s schedule is busy with swim meets, classes, exams, and more, but unlike most jobs for students or student athletes, he sets the times to fit his schedule. “Dolly works as a side hustle in my life. It allows me to schedule jobs when I’m not in the pool or in class!”

All the Right (Home) Moves

Working for Dolly has led Jack to some interesting moves – including some live ones! “I have moved couches, beds, keyboards, and I even moved somebody’s pet snake in a terrarium! I was not expecting to move the snake, but Kyle (the snake) and I were good friends by the end of the Dolly!”

Despite being busy in the final weeks of his senior swim season right now, Jack is still excited to be doing Dollys, and he hopes others looking for a flexible side hustle will join, too. “When you’re completing Dollys, you will meet a ton of new people, explore new locations, and improve your moving skills to expert levels!”

Want to be a side hustler with Dolly? Learn what it takes to be a Helper and apply here.

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