All the Packing Supplies You Need When Moving Out for the First Time [Infographic]

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Moving out for the first time is thrilling: you can set your own rules, live somewhere that’s right for you, and leave your dirty dishes out for a week if you want to (we don’t recommend you start with that). But the actual process of moving isn’t so exciting (and it might make you yearn for all the assistance that came before you decided to move out).

A great way to make moving out for the first time easier? Having the right packing materials for your move. It’s tempting to throw everything you own into the trunk of your car and drive, but all your stuff isn’t going to fit, and all the trips back and forth are going to take far too much time. Save a lot more time by spending a bit more money – but only on what you need. Here’s your checklist of all the items you need when moving out for the first time:

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Checklist for everything you need to move for the first time, including duct tape, mattress bag, tool kit, bungee cords, rope, tarp, couch slipcover, tape gun, work gloves, and moving help you can count on like Dolly.

Checklist: Everything You Need When Moving Out for the First Time

Moving out for the first time is hard, but having the right gear makes it easier. Here’s everything you didn’t know you needed for your move.

Duct Tape

No matter how much you plan and how carefully you pack, something, sometime, will fall apart while you’re moving. When that happens, duct tape is by your side, ready to help.

Mattress Bag

A mattress bag may seem like an unnecessarily expensive piece of plastic, but it’s what keeps bedbugs and cockroaches from becoming your roommates. Make sure to seal it closed with duct tape (it’s already coming in handy!).

Tool Kit

Because there will be at least one piece of Ikea furniture that’s going to take some serious work to put together after you move in.

Bungee Cords

If you’re going to be fitting as much as you can into a pickup truck, you should at least make sure it’s secured.


Rope and bungee cords go together like peanut butter and jelly: bungee cords keep it from moving too much, but if you stop short, rope is going to be the only thing saving it from flying off the highway. It’s also useful for keeping any rolled-up carpets secured.


Who doesn’t want a soaking wet couch? You, probably. Use your bungee cords and rope to hold down your tarp and your stuff will be bone dry.

Sofa Slipcover

Dirt tends to stick to any clean surface – and the pristine couch that you’ve been saving up to buy for weeks is not where you want it to go. Plus, it deters bedbugs (yes, they like couches, too) from most entry points.

A Tape Gun

Do not underestimate the rage you’ll feel when you can’t find the edge of the roll of packing tape (again). A tape gun is the best $5 you’ll spend on your move.

Work Gloves

Around your fifth box, you’ll realize that your hands are starting to feel rubbed and sore. This is normal, but if you keep going, you’re going to have some rather uncomfortable blisters. Use a pair of work gloves to carry boxes and as a bonus, keep your hands clean.

Moving Help You Can Count On

Moving out for the first time is hard enough, so having good movers makes one piece of this easier. And forget renting a truck – use Dolly to get a pickup truck and muscle to take care of your move.

Dolly will bring you truck and muscle, anytime you need it, so you can focus on planning your housewarming party while we take care of your move.

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