What is Herman Miller?

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Upon browsing Craigslist, a few brand names stick out. The usual furniture brands are always in the mix amongst brandless sofas and miscellaneous chairs. But one brand is noticeable, sprinkled into the rest. Exclamation points and ASCII symbols garnish the caps locked brand name: Herman Miller.

Delving deeper and deeper into the depths of Craigslist pages, the presence of the brand persists. Little did you know it was more than just a brand, but a vision to behold.

The company’s website is a maze of information, not only providing information on different types of furniture HM manufactures, but also the types of layouts that promote fluency and productivity in the work place. Herman Miller promotes a vision for management, rather than providing means to fill a managerial workspace.

According to Herman Miller, each piece of furniture is hand crafted and designed to keep mind, body, and work in mind. They also take great pride in their environmentally conscious outward perspective which is imbued in their mission and value statements. They have verified their commitment and success of providing a high quality, and earth conscious product with several awards to boast.

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With so many things going well for Herman Miller, it’s no surprise that each piece of furniture sports a hefty price tag. On Craigslist, a single previously-owned chair ranges from $150 to $4500 apiece. Most posts flaunt the great deal they offer for an original piece, complete with a “Certificate of Authenticity.” It’s clear that this company delivers the qualities it sets out to provide for customers.

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But at the end of the day, does the price equate the value of the furniture?  That’s for you to decide. Ultimately, people use Craigslist to get a good deal on functional and good-looking furniture

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Some people prefer furniture guaranteed to deliver a certain promise. Others just want something to sit on. Buy what you think promotes your own vision of living and working well—whether that means a chair cozy enough for you to watch hours of TV on end, or a couch sturdy enough to make you focus on your work.

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