5 Things Home Alone Taught Us About Leaving for the Holidays

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It’s the holidays, so break out your Christmas tree, bake some cookies, and put on one of our favorite holiday films: Home Alone. It’s a great holiday classic, and you can pick up a few tips from it, too (for example, don’t leave your kid at home while you fly to Paris!).

Here are some of our favorite learnings from the movie about how to prepare to leave for the holidays:

Make a List, and Check it Twice


It’s not just a tip for Santa. Mrs. McCallister is seen frantically checking her list after boarding the plane, and it’s only after she thinks she’s remembered everything that she realizes she left her own child at home. So make sure to check that your lights are on a timer, you’ve put your mail on hold, locked all your doors, oh, and remembered all your children.

Leave Your Home Protected


So maybe tar on the stairs and broken glass baubles on the floor aren’t entirely necessary, but a few security measures can help prevent the shockingly common occurrence of suburban homes facing break-ins. Eliminate the need for booby traps with visible cameras, deadbolt locks, or a loud dog that can scare off burglars.

Have a Backup Plan for Everything


The moment that starts all the drama in Home Alone? No backup alarm. In 1990, before smartphones arrive, this is somewhat acceptable, but it’s now 2017, so you have no excuse: set as many alarms as you can (unless you want to be packing to leave an hour after you were supposed to head out).

Travelling? Prepare for Problems


If you’ve ever been in an airport around the holidays (and if you have, we’re truly sorry), you know that the chaos there makes even Black Friday look tame. When Mrs. McCallister tries to find a flight home to Chicago, she learns this firsthand as she shoves past other customers, only to learn there’s no available seat on a flight home for two days. Be ready for problems by checking the weather forecast wherever you’re travelling to and from, and if you’re driving, bringing the necessary tools.

Get to Know Your Neighbors


“Old Man Marley” seems scary, but really, he’s Kevin’s saving grace against Harry and Marv. It’s because of Kevin’s compassion and friendship towards Marley that Marley keeps an eye on the house — and on Kevin. Making friends with your neighbors will ensure an extra safeguard for your home, and around the holidays it can also lead to a happier time for all involved.



From the entire Dolly team, have a happy and safe holiday season!

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