The Perfect Helper: Moving Closet Organizers with Dolly

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Half the hassle of moving is disassembling and reassembling furniture. It seems that the solution to that problem would be leaving furniture assembled – but as Ellyn and Chris learned, that means you need some extra muscle to get it done.

An Organizer Gone Wrong

Ellyn and Chris of Mount Prospect, Illinois faced this exact predicament: “We were given some closet organizers that were already put together. We’d left them in the garage because they were a bit fragile.” The closet organizers, the couple quickly realized, were too heavy to bring upstairs themselves. Usually, they’d turn to their son for help. But he wasn’t available, and Ellyn and Chris wanted their organizing closets installed as soon as possible.

What they really needed was some extra help – and they knew just the right Helpers to call.

The Right Helping Hands

“We heard of Dolly on Facebook, and I thought, ‘What a cool concept!’ I downloaded the app and saw that you can hire a Helper, and saw I could get someone today to help us with the move from the garage to the upstairs. It was such a swift process, and our Helper, Mohammed, was so great. On time, clean, friendly, and very smart in his assessment as our stairs are very narrow and can be a challenge.”

Customer and Helper who assisted with moving the closet organizers

It turned out Mohammed was just the right Helper they needed, and in no time, their closet organization ideas had become a reality, as their closet organizers were installed. Now Ellyn and Chris are glad to know they can count on Dolly to help them when they need it: “I just want everyone to always think of Dolly as an option! Super idea and super service.”

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