10 Chicago Interior Designers You Must Follow On Pinterest

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Are you in a interior design rut? Do you need some inspiration? Look no further! We’ve culminated a list of Pinterest design superstars to help you keep your creative juices flowing.

1) Meg Caswell

Her boards give a taste of everything – Check out “HoLiDaY mAdNeSs” to spruce up your December


2) Tiffany Brooks

Look no further for home and design inspiration. In fact, her various inspiration boards are sure to ready you for your next room redesign!


3) Alexandra Kaehler

Patterns, art, and accessories don’t go unnoticed for Alex!  Make sure to take a look at her own work as well


4) M. Grace Sielaff

If romantic, vintage, and girly details appeal to you, all of these boards will lend you some inspiration


5) Summer Thornton

Summer’s bio shares her hatred for beige – her color, pattern, and design boards follow suit


6) Julia Buckingham Edelmann

The “Modernique” board showcases Julia’s specialty for melding artifacts with modern


7) Brion R. Judge

As the only man on the list, Brion’s pins appropriately represent a more masculine aesthetic


8) Kaufman Segal

Timeless pieces that have some edge are this firm’s niche


9) Suzanne Lovell

Explore the art and design pins that will make you want to run out and buy something fuzzy and/or geometric


10) Jacqueline Zinn

Jacqueline’s many “we LOVE” boards will get you pumped if your rooms are in need of a WOW factor

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