How to Estimate Your Cost of Moving [Infographic]

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Estimating moving costs is zero fun. You’d think that the migration of people for eons would have simplified the process by now. But no. Each time we move, we have to plunge back into the fog of figuring out moving cost questions:

  • How much it costs to rent a Uhaul?
  • How much do moving companies cost?
  • How much does it cost to hire a professional packer?

Despite our best efforts and exhaustive research, it seems, we struggle each time to nail down the actual costs of these services.

How to Estimate Moving Costs

The cost of moving is not only financial. Moving is also highly stressful and each aspect of the move carries its own unique pain costs. While we seek to minimize the financial costs of moving, we can’t forget to consider our own personal and psychological costs as well. Time, moving management, effort, health – all these should factor into how you estimate moving costs.

Instead of searching the deep catacombs of the internet for moving costs with pinpoint accuracy, we built a graphic to give you moving cost estimates at a glance. We’ve also included common personal pain point that go with each type of move. This is the stuff that hurts, even when it doesn’t hit you squarely in the wallet.

moving cost estimator

Make Moving Easier

We get it. Moving can be complicated. Everyone has different stuff, packs it in different ways, and takes it to different places. But it doesn’t need to be as complicates as most moving service providers have made it. At Dolly, we’re working to simplify the moving process.

We make moving estimates easy and schedule and provide excellent service from pre-screened, approved helpers who are more interested in helping you than their own bottom line.

Booking a Dolly takes just three steps:

Enter your details:
  • Tells us when, where and what you need help with. Think 4-hour arrival windows suck? We do too. It’s why we don’t have them. Your helper will be there right when you need them.
Get your price
  • Select one or two helpers and get an instant, guaranteed price. There are no surprises and you can pay, tip, and review all from the app.
Book your Dolly
  • Post your Dolly and get scheduled with a screened and approved helper in minutes. We have a fleet of more than 2000 helpers ready to help you pack, lift heavy items and drive to your new pad.

And just like that, you know what you’re going to pay, and when we’re going to move your stuff.

Or, ya know, you could risk going with one of those other moving services…

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