Moving Like a Machine: How Dolly Moved a 600-Pound Vending Machine

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We all like to think of ourselves as strong, but some items are so heavy, even the craziest crossfitters and most gung-ho gym rats have to admit that they just can’t lift it. When there are friends around to help move the heavy stuff, it’s easy to ignore your pride, ask your friends for lifting help, and get the job done. But as Boston Dolly user Fred found, sometimes asking friends for help isn’t an option.

When Fred was faced with a 600+ pound vending machine that needed to be moved, there was no pallet jack, and no co-workers to help him out. Fred needed some extra muscle.

A Mechanical Predicament

Fred’s issue was not one with an easily foreseeable solution. “I needed to move a vending machine within a school from the ground floor to the lower level. The machine is too big to fit in the elevator, so it had to go outside the building and around the block, down a little slope, and in a different door. The machine weighs about 625 pounds when it is empty, and it was stocked with beverages and snacks!”

The only option that Fred thought of was to move it himself, and this was barely a solution. “I would have to rent a pallet jack, buy some 2’ x 8’ pieces of wood, rent a truck and ramp in order to transport the pallet jack, and then recruit some friends to help me move the machine safely down the slope outside. I was apprehensive, as I considered this to be a very heavy and dangerous job!”

But a solution was on its way: Fred was about to get the help he needed from Dolly.

The Right Kind of Dolly

“I was wondering how I could find some people to help me, and I looked up and saw an ad for Dolly while riding on the subway. That very day I looked into it, I was happy with the price that was quoted, and I scheduled the move.”

The rest was easy for Fred, all he had to do was stand back and supervise. “On the day of the move, my Dolly Helpers arrived, and to my surprise they were going to move the machine with a heavy duty dolly instead of a pallet jack! I was initially nervous, but both my Helpers were so fearless and confident that they could handle the job without a problem, so I just stepped back and watched them move the machine.” Ten minutes later, the job was done—hours before Fred would’ve finished if he’d done it himself.

“Dolly made it easy for me to find people who were willing to help me with this difficult task for a reasonable price. Thank you, Dolly! It is good to know you are there when I need you!” We’ll raise a glass of juice from our office vending machine to that!

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