How Dolly Helped Deliver a 300-Pound Antique Book Press

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We all know what it’s like to be caught between a rock and a hard place…but what about between a book press and a hard place? This is the dilemma that Mary Clare Butler faced when she found the perfect item for her printing business, but had no way to transport it.

Muscle When You Need It

Mary Clare operates an experimental printing, paper, and bookmaking studio in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. So when she found an antique book press, she purchased it immediately, not even thinking about how she would transport it.

“When we tried to move it, it became clear that the 300 pound piece was not going to make it to Mary Clare’s 2000 VW Jetta,” said Fata Morgana Press’ co-founder, Amy Leners. “The book press is solid cast iron and was placed in an awkward position.”

Mary Clare had all but given up on using the press and was lamenting the loss at school when one of her students suggested Dolly. Knowing that Amy had also successfully used Dolly in the past, Mary Clare took her student’s advice and scheduled a Dolly right away. She also acquired a large cabinet and dozens of heavy book press letters that she would need the Dolly helpers to move as well.

Two and a Half Helpers

Two Dolly Helpers picked up the press, cabinet, and letters, then delivered it to the Fata Morgana Press office without Amy or Mary Clare needing to lift a finger. As an added bonus, the Helpers even brought their Labrador retriever along to help.

“The helpers were really friendly and thankfully had a huge pickup truck. It was absolutely worth the money to not have to worry about moving all of this new equipment into our studio,” Amy commented.

Amy and Mary Clare are excited to integrate the new book press into their work, and are grateful to Dolly for making it possible. But Amy does have one piece of advice for future Dolly users: “Find a Dolly helper with a dog!”

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