The Perfect Match: A Dollhouse Moved with Dolly

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If you’ve ever tried to move with your significant other, you know that there are few things in life that are worse. It’s a surefire way to lead to a fight, a trip to the hospital, or both. For San Diegan Andrea, that struggle is all too real.

Andrea and her husband were able to get a giant dollhouse for their two daughters, and it was even delivered to their home! But “delivered,” in their case, didn’t mean it was put where they wanted it. They needed to get the dollhouse – which was over six feet tall – upstairs and over a railway. As Andrea put it, “[We] attempted to do it ourselves, but I don’t think our house or marriage would have survived.”

Thankfully, Andrea knew of a service that might be able to help with their move, and save her marriage: Dolly.

Up and Over

First, Andrea tried a traditional moving service – the same service that had helped her move apartments previously. “It was really difficult to find a date and time that works for both of us, so I finally gave up.” Luckily, she’d heard about Dolly from her friends, and the positive reviews they gave proved true. “I was able to schedule two movers for an hours of labor [not long after] posting my request.” The best part? The Helpers came on that same day.

“About an hour after my husband came home from work, [the Helper] Ezra and his teammate showed up. They were able to get our giant dollhouse up our stairs – which was really difficult, as it had to be lifted over the railing to get up the stairs! The two movers were super strong and extremely careful not to damage our walls or floors.”

After an already awesome experience, Andrea was thrilled to find that the Helpers were willing to help with more. “They also took our old washer and dryer into our garage and brought in some new appliances that had been in the garage for almost a year. Ezra and his teammate were punctual, professional, and very good at moving very heavy, awkward objects.”

Andrea will definitely be using Dolly in the future, and is a big fan of the service. “The whole experience from booking to the actual help from the Helpers was great.”  There was no dispute, the heavy stuff was moved, and now, her daughters have a fun place to play – we can all be thankful for that!

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