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7 Decor Ideas for the Male Living Space

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When moving into your first grown-up living space whether it’s a home or an apartment, as a male, it’s a little tricky finding your interior niche. After all those years in college sharing a bunk bed and including bean bag chairs as furniture, you’re ready for something that’ll complement your style and that’ll vibe. This guide to furnishing your ideal male living space will make it easier to find your interior niche. Get ready to ditch those bean bag chairs guys, it’s time for an update.

Black & White Male Living Space

Black & White Living Space
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    A classic modern go-to for a male is black and white. It’s upscale, sleek and virtually impossible to over decorate. For a simple approach to your living space stick to a black and white color scheme with grey variations. Add consoles with no handles and floating shelves to simplify your storage. Introducing metal accents with other furnishings in your living space will successfully tie in a clean and crisp modern look. 


The “Minimalist” Male Living Space

Minimalist Living Space
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    Here’s an idea, if your living space is small, try a more minimal approach to your unique male space. By utilizing a sunken bed that also integrates a shelving unit, you can also showcase your book collection! That’s a bed and bookshelf in one! This storage bed can be found at Pottery Barn in various tones. Don’t worry about having to borrow a hefty trailer to squeeze your new bed in an elevator, book a Dolly to get in touch with the closest helper that’ll personally pick up your bed for you from your local store and deliver it to your doorstep. 

Mid Century Modern Male Living Space

Mid-Century Modern Living Space
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      This upbeat male living space is one cozy idea if you’d ask me. Utilize more earthy tones like tans, green and navy blue, to maintain a chill vibe throughout your living space. Plants will help add texture and bring life to your room. Don’t be afraid to incorporate cozy accents. A soft throw or a shag rug like this one from West Elm will keep your feet warm and your living space comfortable for yourself and your guests.

Ambient Male Living Space

Ambient Living Space
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    Have a blank wall and not sure what to do with it? Check out this idea to light up your male space. Add a fluorescent LED sign to give your space some extra light and make a bold statement. Not wanting to go the bold route but still want some light? Another great alternative would be a wall decal with hanging yellow light fixtures. As these items are delicate and stressful to move around, don’t fret a Dollycan transport your delicate decor items safely to your home. Ambient light fixtures like these can be delivered to your doorstep the same day you book your pickup. 

 Rustic Male Living Space Items

Rustic Living Space Bar
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   Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply need some extra storage in your kitchen here is a male living space idea that will turn your glassware into decor. Add a bar cart to your kitchen or dining area for added storage. This is an easily accessible storage unit, drink carrier and snack holder all in one. Keep your male living space clean when the boys come over to watch the game with this wood and steel bar cart found here at Bob’s Furniture. Add more furnishings to your living space such as wood and steel coffee tables that match, to give an old-world rustic look.

Feng Shui Male Living Space

Feng Shui Living Space
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  If your male living space feels a little off-center you may need to feng shui your space. Similar to minimalism, feng shui is a design concept founded on the idea that everything in your room serves a purpose and requires an order to balance your inner self.

For example, the typical male living space may have some unnecessary trophies or memorabilia that just takes up too much surface area and creates clutter. For the sophisticated male, an adult living space requires balance and harmony. So what does feng shui look like for your pad? First, start rearranging. You want to create an open concept in your room to give you and others the freedom to move about any which way. For example, if you have a large table and a large couch in the same room, arrange them to be farther apart or have only one item in the room in order to create more space.

Next, optimize your color palette. There is a stereotype that most male color palettes for their home all have to use a dark theme. That’s not always the case, if your space receives a lot of natural light, utilize that in your color palette with lighter tones of greys, purples, and greens for a more comfortable and relaxed vibe. Finally, coordinate your main objects and shapes together. This is a key element of feng shui for your male space, include an even amount of circular objects to rectangular in order to give your room more proportion. Refer to the photo below, there are three circular centerpiece objects and three rectangular; this is a balanced room. Check out Ethan Allen for these sophisticated decor pieces to help balance the feng shui of your male space.

Fantasy Male Living Space

Fantasy Living Space
Source: Pinterest

     Does your ideal night require controls, a monitor and a headset? Don’t let your gaming space feel like your parent’s basement, fully immerse your male gaming room into a fantasy land. Add LED strip lights around your monitor to create a creative ambiance. To go to the next level, including a RGB backlit keyboard to light up your controls.

    Ready to upgrade your male living space? Get your furniture and decor delivered to your pad today with Dolly. We’ll connect you to a local pickup truck driver who can bring home your new furniture on your schedule, even same-day from your favorite retail store. Don’t settle for college bean bag chairs, take your male living space to the next level with these decor ideas.

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