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7 Small Dining Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

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      Do you have a small studio apartment that you’re not sure what to do with? Or does your existing dining room seem too small and uninviting? Everyone needs a place to eat at home that means no crumbs on the bed allowed and no sloppy dinners on a couch. We’ve provided some of the easiest and cost-effective tips and tricks for making a small dining room in your home more spacious and efficient. 

Round Tables

Small dining room round tables

The easiest and most proficient way to utilize your small dining room space is by adding a round table. This type of table allows plenty of space for more diners in a small area. Opt for a round table with pedestal legs so that there is more room for your guests to place their feet. Also an added bonus: round tables encourage community and conversation. With this piece in your small dining room, you are fully maximizing your space-saving benefits. If you decide to order a new table like the one in the picture from your favorite retail store, you can get it delivered same-day with Dolly, saving you both time and money. 

Shelf It Up

Small dining room shelf's

If your small kitchen space lacks cabinet storage space, the dining room is a perfect place to display stored items tastefully. Some of your favorite centerpieces or china can make a decorative statement on and off the table. Shelves are ideal for your decorative bowls, champagne flutes and/or jars to store non-perishables. If you have space underneath your shelves you can take it a step further and screw in some hooks underneath and hang your pots and pans as decor. There are plenty of storage hacks out there to turn utensils into decor in your small dining room.


Small dining room benches

A trendy way to create more space for guests in a small dining room is by utilizing benches. Utilizing a bench in dining seating is so versatile it can work with any design style. Whether you like a more shabby chic, traditional, or modern look, a bench will delight your guests and add a unique flare to your small dining area. Not only is it a play on a mismatched seating trend we’ve seen going around but a bench will increase your capacity for more diners and can also double as storage. Get a heavy set chest with a lid to use it as additional seating while storing blankets, utensils, you name it underneath.

If you decide to for more of a vintage look and choose to add a heavy storage chest, don’t break your back, hire a Dolly to do the heavy lifting and deliver your new piece to your doorstep. If you like a more modern look, try a floating bench, it won’t look heavy in your small dining area and offers that additional seating and flow with your design. Personalize your bench with cushions or a tapestry behind and make it your own! 

Utilize Your Corners


Not every small space has a set area for a dining room and that’s okay! Those nooks and crannies you’re not sure what to do with can really play in your favor here. Find a corner preferably with some natural light for your small dining room. You can use this corner in two ways. The first way is easy. Place a table right into the corner, add a few chairs, and a voila to your small dining room.

The second requires a little more work but is definitely a cute way to spruce up that corner into a pleasant small dining room. You can recreate a banquette seating arrangement with chests, benches or event mini consoles like ones you can find at IKEA and attach them at the corner. Add a table and some additional seating adjacent to your banquette, now that dusty corner is a space-saving dining nook. 

Fold Outs

Shelf and table fold outs

This one may be a given but multipurpose furniture is always relevant for a small dining room. Everyone has seen those side tables that can also fold out into a dining table, which we highly recommend especially for small apartment spaces. There is now a new twist on this concept with an installment of a cabinet that you’ll never guess… folds out into a table as well! It is a spectacular option especially if you’re cramped for space. Fold this up and it is a sleek, minimalist cabinet installment. Who would’ve thought a small dining room could be this compact!

Make Use of Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your small space

A mirror is a great addition to any small room. If you have an open-concept space where your kitchen flows into your small dining room and living room, a big mirror will create the illusion of more space. You can install mirrors that are more abstract in shape or size and really give a quirky element to your small room as well.

For a dining room, we recommend mounting your mirror opposite or a window to reflect and amplify more natural light into your space giving it that enlarged feel.

Light Hues & Lines

Light Hues & lines

You can go several ways with this one depending on your style. Utilizing color and lines can really open up your small dining room. If you like bold colors and patterns we recommend keeping it minimal and restricting it to an accent wall. Depending on the space this can also be overwhelming if so, scale it down as an accent in your decor and use a patterned wallpaper or seat cushions to add vibrancy.

If vibrant colors are not your thing and you like more toned down or even earthy colors, try a monochromatic look with lighter pastel hues. These produce a lighter and airy feeling, overall making your small dining room more inviting. If you can’t commit to painting you can also use drapes, cushions, or vases to bring out your color scheme.

Same-day Delivery 

By now you have an idea of how you’re going to create your small dining room in your home. Whether it’s a new color scheme or completely reinventing a nook or cranny. Not every small space is unusable, and there is always a compact solution to your needs and wants for your small dining room space.

Ready to make your small dining room vision come to life? Get your space-saving furniture home today with Dolly. We’ll connect you to a local pickup truck driver who can bring home your new furniture on your schedule, even same-day. Save space and time by booking a Dolly for space-saving furniture delivery.

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