Mum & Done: Making Moving As a Single Mom Easy with Dolly

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Moving is a team effort. You rely on your family, your friends, your partner, and even hired Helpers or professional movers to help get the enormous job of relocating your stuff done. Asking for help is always a challenge, but that’s especially the case when you feel you’ve already asked for the help of your family and friends for so many other things.

That was exactly how Danielle C. felt when, after mutually deciding with her partner to pursue a divorce, she found herself in need of family and friends more often than ever before. So when it came to furnishing her new home as a suddenly single mom, Danielle started looking for help that she could rely on – and that’s when she found Dolly.

Moving Out and Moving On

“I was in the middle of a divorce and planning my move – without my usual moving partner.” One of the big items she needed moved? A new king-sized bed frame, which she wouldn’t be able to move on her own (or with the help of her two young kids). But fate seemed to be leading her towards Dolly: “I read an article online that mentioned what Dolly can do–and I downloaded the app that same day. Brilliant idea, and it was exactly what I needed.”

The experience only got better from there. “The bed I needed to pick up was in downtown Seattle, in tight one way residential streets. My driver was so friendly and professional! He communicated via text ahead of time, arrived in his orange Dolly shirt and moving gloves. He loaded the pieces, strapped them in for safety, and headed for my house. This was my first Dolly experience and I felt so elated to do it all myself!”

With the Dolly app in her phone, and a positive experience to rely on, Danielle started looking for more furniture for her new home. She was ready to go when she found her next piece.

“With my reliable Dolly app ready for action, I purchased a sofa on OfferUp. Even though I’d booked for a time window, my driver contacted me and said he was available earlier if I would like. Yes! When we arrived in Kirkland, we had to park the truck around the back of the condo unit, and my driver carried my new sofa down through a tight trail of Juniper bushes on a steep hill. Above and beyond!”

Confidently Moving Forward

With Dolly to rely on for moving and delivery help, Danielle felt like she had one less thing to ask her friends for help with: “I have great friends and family–and Dolly let me Iean on them in the ways that matter most: love, affirmation, and supporting my two amazing kiddos.”

Danielle is going to let herself rely on Dolly from now on. “Never again will I have to think about renting a truck, or who do I know that has a truck, or how will I lift this on my own…Dolly–where have you been my whole life? At the end of the day, Dolly helps me feel like the strong, confident, single mom that I am.” We’ve got your back Danielle, and we’re proud to cheer on a strong, confident, single mom like you!

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