A Tail-Wagging Good Move: A Move Out Made Easy with Dolly

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No moves are simple, but some moves are wilder than all others. Few know this better than Stephanie S., who had to orchestrate a few moves at the same time: her move back to the U.S. after spending a few years living in Australia, her tenants’ move out from the property she rented to them (and was hoping to sell soon), and the move of her own stuff from the basement of the rental property to storage. With three pending moves on the horizon, Stephanie knew she needed moving help – but wasn’t quite sure who to ask.

Moving On & Moving Out

In addition to moving back to the U.S., Stephanie was also coming off a quarter century spent in a unique career: “I moved back after living and working in Australia with Seeing Eye Dogs. I have trained guide for people who are blind and train the people with those dogs for 25 years in a few different countries.”

Training these dogs is a hard job – though it certainly has its perks. “I love dogs, especially the affectionate ones that love to be cuddled and hugged!” One of her trainee dogs, a German Shepherd who has since started work as a Seeing Eye Dog in British Columbia, even got to visit Stephanie’s home in Portland that she was preparing to sell.

So it was with plenty emotion (not to mention stress) that Stephanie prepared for her moved. “I had some things stored in the basement of the house that I needed to move out in preparation for the sale. The tenants were moving out later, but I wouldn’t be in the country when they vacated, so I had to move my things out during that particular week.” Thankfully, she quickly figured out who to ask for help.

Moving Made Easy

Stephanie needed Michael’s help moving furniture out of the house and into a storage unit.

“I heard about Dolly from my very good friend, Dennis, who also does gigs for Dolly as a Helper in Portland.” She knew that Dolly’s simple app would make moving a breeze. “So…fast forward to me using Dolly. I was so impressed and pleased with the entire process.”

Stephanie’s Helper, Michael, was the perfect assistant for her move. “I was impressed with how Michael knew how to pack the truck and organize my things in the unit so efficiently. I moved a furniture and boxes of photos and random things, all placed into a 5’ by 5’ storage unit.” It was a tight fit, but Michael made it work.

On her overall Dolly experience, Stephanie kept her thoughts simple: “Dolly is a great idea and a great company!” And we’re sure her dogs’ tails are wagging in agreement.

Whether you’re moving out, moving in, or moving your stuff around so your doggo has more room, we’re here to help. With Dolly, you can get truck and muscle for all your moving and delivery needs, anytime you need it.

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