A Super Move: How Dolly’s Super Helpers Moved an Arcade Game

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With so many superhero movies coming out recently, we’ve all been thinking about how much we’d love to have superpowers. How cool would it be to have an Iron Man suit or Captain America’s shield? Or to have the power of flight like Superman, or the Flash’s ultra speed? But if we’re being practical, we think there’s one superpower that’s more useful than all the others: super strength. 

That’s a power Naperville resident Sunny wished for when she ordered a particularly heavy home piece. Her custom Marvel versus DC arcade game was a gaming behemoth at over six feet tall and 250 pounds. Deciding to buy it was easy – who doesn’t want a custom arcade system in their house?! – but getting it home was a challenge she’d need some real superpowers to defeat.

In Need of a (Moving) Hero

“I was having the custom arcade system delivered by the person that I purchased it from, [but I] needed professional help in getting it down into my basement.” Sunny explained that the arcade system needed to go down a particularly tricky set of stairs. “Our heads were all scratching and there was definitely some concern. Concern it would fit, concern we would make the 90 degree turn, concern that it may be easier to take the entire thing apart and get it downstairs to avoid damaging my home and people’s safety.”

Plus, they’d need to lift the heavy, bulky game – and with a narrow staircase to go down, it wasn’t a problem that would simply be solved with a utility dolly. But Sunny had a secret power up her sleeve…

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, It’s a Dolly Helper!

“I’d used Dolly once for a personal move and once for a work-related tasks. [They were] all stellar experiences.” Sunny was hoping she could count on Dolly to come to the rescue one more time to help her out. “The delivery person was able to use a utility Dolly to wheel it to the front door and get it into my home.” But then they reached the stairs, and decided they’d need the heavy lifting help and professional opinion of a Dolly Helper to navigate this most difficult part of the move.

“Once Steve arrived, it was apparent he knew what he was doing. He asked for a tape measure, walked the route the system needed to take, and not even sixty seconds later, he said he had no concerns. Myself and my brother-in-law were on one side of the unit and Steve and the delivery person were on the other end. Steve gave us all direction before and during the move. Within five minutes, we had this beast in the basement and fired up!”

With the game moved and all set up, Sunny and her family couldn’t be happier. And without Steve to save the day, it might never have happened. “We could not have done it without Steve!”

While you won’t see our super Dolly Helpers on the big screen anytime soon, they’re always here to lend a helping hand and be your moving superhero.

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