Your Guide to the 8 Best Neighborhoods in Orlando

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Welcome to Orlando, Florida where over 52 million people come from all around the globe to visit Disney World each year. Whether you’re visiting Disney World, don’t want to pay state income tax or are looking to relocate to Orlando to enjoy the beautiful weather, there are lots of great neighborhoods to choose from. 

Decide which neighborhood is right for you by checking out our guide to the 8 best neighborhoods in Orlando.

1. Rose Isle

Rose Isle
Source: Orlando Buyers 

Average Rent: $1,590 / month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods? 

According to Niche, Rose Isle is ranked as the #1 “Best Places to Live in the Orlando Area”. Rose Isle is full of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful parks to stay at. If you’re looking for a place that has an urban feel to one day buy a home and raise a family in, then this is the spot for you. Rose Isle is roughly 10 minutes away from Downtown and is surrounded by three lakes you can take a dip in when you need to cool off.

2. Downtown 

Average Rent: $1,727/ month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods?

Take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful business high risers that engulf the entire city. Choose from some of the best seafood markets to eat from, theaters, clubs, museums, and parks to visit. Downtown offers a wide arrange of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and business graduates who are looking to network or take their careers to the next level.

3. Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park
Source: Oakwood

Average Rent: $1,783 / month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods? 

Baldwin Park is considered one of the top upscale areas in Orlando where you can enjoy fancy eats, a wide array of architectural exteriors and a ton of places to shop at. If you’re looking for a safe, well-groomed little downtown area, to find a great place to work, play and invest in, then this is your neighborhood. There are tons of single and family housing options to browse from when you’re in the process of relocating.

4. Kissimmee

Average Rent: $1,366 / month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods?

Kissimmee is a neighborhood surrounded by beautiful scenery, places to explore and hundreds of activities to participate in with locals. “Old Town” Kissimmee features a historic and a hard to miss ferris wheel at a theme park that is perfect to take your significant other on. With beautiful weather, several local schools, amusement parks, local eateries, and Disney World you’ll never be bored! There are amazing rental options at reasonable prices to choose from when you’re thinking about relocating.

5. Altamonte Springs

Average Rent: $1,257 / month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods? 

Close to Kissimmee and about 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, Altamonte is famous for its low tax rates and historic Uptown buildings. Altamonte incorporates many apartments and high rise condos in its central business district that are great to check out before relocating. If you’re looking to live in a place that’s close to most of the attractions in Orlando then Altamonte Springs is for you.

6. Winter Park 

Winter Park
Source: Visit Orlando 

Average Rent: $1,287 / month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods? 

If you’re someone who enjoys taking a stroll and appreciates history, Winter Park is the neighborhood for you. Surrounding the neighborhood are parks, civic buildings, retail stores, golf courses, galleries, museums, a train station, and a beach to catch some waves. Winter Park is tailored for those who like to spend their free time socializing and enjoying the weather, making it one of the best spots to live in.

7. Park Lake/Highland

Average Rent: $1,237 / month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods? 

In between two lakes and about 5 minutes away from Downtown, Park Lake/Highland is one of the best urban areas to reside in. If you’re looking for a condo, apartment or house to rent in that is very close to all of the action in the big city, Park Lake/Highland is for you. This neighborhood offers residents plenty of great options to eat from, highly rated schools to attend and parks to throw around a frisbee.

8. Lake Eola Heights

Average Rent: $1,043 / month

Why is it one of Orlando’s best neighborhoods? 

Lake Eola Heights is one of the best areas to choose from because of its unique and diverse history. Take a stroll down the historic district and you’ll find beautifully crafted brick buildings and local shops to browse in. If you’re looking for a cheap rental property Lake Eola Heights is one of the best in terms of prices. Whether you’re a socialite who craves adventure or is looking to raise a family the nightlife and activities in Lake Eola Heights are some of the best in the city.

“When your curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”

– Walt Disney

In a city full of magic that’s at your fingertips and with this guide, why wouldn’t you seize the day and find the perfect neighborhood in Orlando to move to? You’re a couple of steps away from choosing your new home which would include some of the best lakes, schools, parks, restaurants, beaches, weather and everything Disney World has to offer. We get it though… Moving can be daunting, a pain in the ass to coordinate and relocate all of your things. 

Thankfully, Dolly is here to help with all your moving and delivery needs in Orlando. We’ll send some truck and muscle to help move your apartment, deliver your new couch from Big Lots, or help get rid of any junk you might be holding onto. Get started with booking a Dolly.

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