7 Pieces of Furniture That Will Bring You Back to the 90s

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Power Rangers, Tamagotchi, and Scrunchies. What do they all have in common?

They all thrived in a time when fashion was fresh and just about anything went. Yes, we’re talking about the ’90s. But dreaming of the ’90s (as they do in Portland) doesn’t have to end just because it’s a new century.

Not to fear! Craigslist is here.

We’ve compiled a list of pictures that took us down memory lane. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find some of these bad boys and bring them into your home—don’t forget to use Dolly when you score!

1: Black and white is so 2000 and late. Let’s throw it back to when life was technicolor and you could act out your favorite scene from Saved by the Bell in the comfort of your own dining room.


2: We just don’t get to express our fandom AND relax at the same time anymore. *sigh*


3: Florals add a sense of cheeriness to a room. The 90s weren’t afraid of illustrations of foliage or vibrant color. In fact the 90s challenged us: why not use both?


4: The foolproof way to know if someone was entering your room


5: Nothing lasts forever…except silk flower decorations


6: Geometric shapes are not just for teaching primary school kids—adults enjoyed them too!


7: If you didn’t have your own private line on one of these, did high school even happen?


Bonus: Not all furniture was human size—thanks Pizza Hut!

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