Routed Delivery: 5 Ways It Can Help Improve Your Sales

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Routed delivery is integral to most, if not all, final-mile delivery operations. When delivering orders using a routed delivery method, the driver plans in advance by optimizing and sequencing their route. Allocated orders are dropped off in a way that’s efficient, effective, and strategically organized based on the distance between the locations. 

Instead of having to send out multiple orders singly, using up more resources and allowing trucks to drive empty more often (and of course delaying the delivery of products to your customers), you can aggregate orders that fall along the same route, using a single delivery resource to fulfill multiple orders.

Why is this so desirable? Well, apart from the obvious fact of speeding up delivery times and lessening consumed fuel and empty miles, it can mean even more sales. Knowing that you can send out multiple orders with a single driver, means you can take on more orders or even just deal with a backlog of deliveries. And the customer satisfaction derived from speedy deliveries will keep you in good supply of repeat customers. 

Ways Routed Deliveries Can Help Increase Sales

Routed deliveries don’t just speed up your delivery times, they can improve your entire process and ultimately help boost revenue.

1. Speed up your Deliveries

The major allure of routed deliveries lies in the fact that you can tackle multiple deliveries at once, which significantly reduces the time you have to spend delivering individual orders. When you map out a delivery route based on received orders, you can fulfill several orders in one delivery run. 

Even better, arrange the products in the truck or van in the order in which they’ll be delivered along the route to further reduce the time spent hunting through multiple orders for the right one at each delivery point.

2. Double Down to Supplement Existing Processes

You probably already have an existing routed delivery program and you’re thinking I know all this already. But if you are struggling with a clogged supply chain and a backlog of deliveries, then a third party delivery partner like Dolly may be the perfect solution: a supplement to help improve your already existing delivery processes. 

With dedicated capacity using their own vehicles on optimized routes, you can quickly clear out that backlog of orders. Plus, you don’t have to worry about additional driver hiring, sourcing more vehicles, or the insurance. Let a partner sweat those details for you.

3. Better Competitive Edge

Will you ever be able to compete on equal levels with retail giants like Amazon in terms of delivery service? Probably not anytime soon. Do you need to? No, not really. Again, with the aid of a third party delivery provider that allows you to supplement your existing routed delivery operations and outsource the muscle needed to carry out deliveries (and pickups), you can speed up and improve your delivery service to the level of these giants without having to invest in their level of infrastructure. The added bonus is that a delivery provider can offer service levels above and beyond the big guys, like flexible, on-demand delivery, direct to driver communications, and real-time tracking.

4. Reduced Transportation Costs

More orders are placed on fewer trucks when things are good and routed delivery is working like a well-oiled machine. Drivers spend less time driving empty miles (returning to your DC after every single delivery to load up again), and this in turn cuts down on wasted fuel, carbon emissions, and idle driver hours. All of this equals reduced transportation costs. Money that could be well-spent on other areas of your business.

5. Better Customer Experience

Drivers are on time and able to deliver more efficiently when their route is optimized, planned, and sequenced. This, in turn, boosts customer satisfaction. Moreover, final mile delivery plays one of the greatest roles in the customer’s overall experience and impression of retail brands. Data shows that customers are more likely to shop again if they are satisfied by their delivery experience. And customer loyalty drives sales.

Ready to tackle your last-mile bottlenecks? Dolly’s dedicated capacity can help support your routed delivery operations. Attacking your delivery backlogs quickly and optimizing your customer experience.

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