The 15 Best Austin Neighborhoods

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Home to the Texas State Capitol, the University of Texas, and more tech companies than you can count, Austin is the fastest-growing city in the U.S. It’s not hard to see why: with so many unique neighborhoods, there’s a perfect spot for everyone. So which are the best neighborhoods in Austin, and which one is the best one for you?

Whether you’re looking for a budget bungalow, a high-rise downtown, or a quiet spot near the lake, we’ve found the best Austin neighborhoods for you to call home. 

The 15 Best Austin Neighborhoods


Average rent: $1,234

It may seem a bit out of the way, but Allandale is one of the most established Austin neighborhoods, and has plenty to offer. Because it’s further from downtown, it’s populated with lots of starter homes, attracting a base of young professional families. And while it may not have the nightlife scene of its more central neighbors, Allandale is an easily walkable Austin neighborhood with all the necessities just a few blocks away.

Barton Hills

Average rent: $1,572

Despite its proximity to Downtown and major highways on its borders, Barton Hills feels more like a suburb than a neighborhood that’s just a few miles from downtown. Barton Hills is flanked by larger neighborhoods on one side and Barton Creek on the other. The area around the creek is all a park, dotted with hiking trails and walking paths. While it may not be as hip as its neighbors, it’s a great option for anyone looking for downtown convenience with suburban feel.

Circle C Ranch

Average rent: $1,497

Located in southwest Austin, a bit of a drive from the rest of the city, Circle C Ranch feels distinctly different from most Austin neighborhoods. The “neighborhood” is actually a group of developments with community amenities, like pools, parks, and even a golf club. If you’re interested in a more luxurious lifestyle without going too far from downtown Austin, Circle C Ranch is perfect. 


Average rent: $2,504

Sandwiched between Downtown, the UT Austin campus, and Old West Austin, Clarksville is where the sophisticated downtown dwellers reside. Here, you’ll find residents who are a bit older than their downtown neighbors, and much wealthier. It’s an expensive neighborhood–the second priciest on this list–but the walkable commute to Downtown and its position on Ladybird Lake leads many residents to believe it’s well worth the price. 

Downtown Austin

Average rent: $2,729

Live in the center of it all in Downtown Austin…for a price. Like most city’s downtown areas, Downtown Austin is a truly convenient place to live, as it’s a quick walk or transit ride from all parts of Austin. There’s a bike share program, a scooter share, and good old buses to get you around the area. But you don’t need to leave the neighborhood to find things to do: restaurants, museums, bars, and parks are all within the Downtown core. Of course, all those convenient perks come with a literal price, so you may want to take a second look at your budget before committing to living in Downtown Austin. 

East Austin

Average rent: $1,894

“Keep Austin Weird” might just be the slogan–and battle–of the area of East Austin. While it’s long been home to Austin’s bohemian, artistic community, an influx of new developments is shaking up the traditional ways of the area. Nowadays, you’re likely to see a mix of old Austin and new, with hipsters walking by classic architecture and new condo complexes on the same block. 

Hyde Park

Average rent: $1,519

The historical neighborhood of Hyde Park will leave you feeling like you stepped back in time to a very different version of Austin. Due to strict planning rules, much of Hyde Park’s architecture looks the same way it did 100 years ago, with turn-of-the-century styles and tree-lined streets. Hyde Park offers a small town, Americana feel without being too far from Downtown Austin or UT Austin, making it ideal for those looking for small-town living without the commute. 


Average rent: $1,382

Built on the remains of Austin’s former airport (Robert Mueller Airport), Mueller is the newest Austin neighborhood, built in 2007. As a result, the neighborhood feels like a modern city, with all your needs–grocery store, parks, schools–within a short walk. Retail and dining options abound, so there’s plenty to do without leaving Mueller, but if you do want to head Downtown, it’s just a short drive away. 

North Loop

Average rent: $1,519

North Loop is Austin’s up-and-coming cool neighborhood. Full of bars, boutiques, vintage shops, and coffee spots, North Loop is undeniably the cool part of town. On top of all that, it’s small and relaxed, with plenty of eccentricities and quirks. It’s a great neighborhood in Austin for those looking for plenty to do without the big prices of Downtown–which, conveniently, is not too far away. 

Old West Austin

Average rent: $2,380

There’s a reason Old West Austin is called Old West: the historical neighborhood features a collection of architecture that ranges from 1800s to the 1950s. But don’t let that lead you to believe this neighborhood is stuck in the past. Old West Austin is one of the best Austin neighborhoods for the outdoorsy, with easy access to cycling paths, hiking trails, a number of parks, and even Lake Austin. At less than two miles to downtown, it’s easy to get around, too, though the number of local businesses in the neighborhood may lead you to stay in Old West Austin as long as you like. 

South Congress

Average rent: $1,437

If North Loop is the new cool neighborhood, South Congress is its predecessor. Long thought of as the embodiment of the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan, this neighborhood’s mix of live music, art galleries, murals, and a killer nightlife scene has made it the top hangout spot. Surprisingly, SoCo is relatively affordable, making it ideal for young people looking for plenty to do. 

South Lamar

Average rent: $1,606

In South Lamar, you’ll feel like you stepped right back into the “good old days.” Filled with mom-and-pop shops, a calmer attitude, and less nightlife, South Lamar feels like a relaxing walk down memory lane, with an affordable price tag for renters. 

St. Edward’s

Average rent: $1,606

Though the nearby UT Austin campus is usually called out as Austin’s hometown college, nearby St. Edward’s University has its own neighborhood: St. Edwards. Located just north of South Congress, St. Edward’s is a smaller, chiller alternative to UT Austin’s collegiate vibes across the lake. 

University of Texas & The Drag

Average rent: $2,427

Home to over 60,000 undergraduate students alone, University of Texas: Austin often feels like a city in and of itself. Though the campus itself takes up much of the neighborhood (check out its greenspaces for a good spot to relax), there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and other classic college hangouts along The Drag (Guadalupe Street). It’s a vibrant area with lots to do and plenty of people to meet, but because so many students want to live close to campus, you’ll find the prices here on the higher side. 


Average rent: $1,606

Nature lovers and urban dwellers come together in Zilker, a central Austin neighborhood with both nightlife and abundant greenery. Home to Zilker Park and situated on Lady Bird Lake, Austin’s Zilker neighborhood has plenty of restaurants, events, and outdoor spaces to keep anyone occupied. And in those warm summer months, Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park is the best place in the city to cool down. Not bad considering it’s also just minutes from downtown. 

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