Moving Horror Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

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Everyone loves a good horror story – the most terrifying are, of course, moving nightmares. We asked our Facebook fans to tell us their moving horror stories and they had us spooked. Check out our favorites below.

“I was moving into an apartment about two years ago, and my girlfriend and a good friend volunteered to help. My friend is the ‘guy with a truck’ among us college students who is notorious for having helped everyone move. My friend had to leave, but since he and I are close, he let me drive the remaining rounds back and forth from the old place. My girlfriend and I stopped on the way back for a snack at Dairy Queen: I had a burger and she had a blizzard…big mistake. On the way back, my girlfriend quietly said that she wasn’t feeling well and that she needed to use the restroom. Since we were close to the place, I figured we might as well go the small remaining distance. As we started to pull into a parking space, she quickly reached for a shopping bag that was in the truck, and immediately started to vomit all over the interior of the truck and the bag. Let’s just say the smell never quite left the truck, and my friend hasn’t let me borrow the truck for a move since.”

– Daymon, Seattle

“My mother woke me in the middle of the night and said, ‘You’re taking your three siblings on the bus from Longview to Seattle in the morning, gramma will pick you up and I’ll be up in Seattle on Saturday. We will get you enrolled in school up there on Monday. Here’s twenty bucks for snacks at the stops.’ Not long after, Mount St. Helens erupted. It blew out so much stuff into the Columbia river that fall flood tide moved from 2 inches under our house to 4 feet in our house.”

– Christian, Seattle

My move had 2 stops. The second was the consignment shop, where I brought some extra furniture, so we loaded those first, to come off the back of the truck last. Halfway through, the movers decided we must do that stop first, so when we got to the consignment shop, they had to offload the stuff in the front to get to the stuff in the back, then reload the stuff in the front. Should I mention they stood my box spring on its side, and it promptly fell on the dirty loading dock floor?

I dealt with the consignment shop staff while they reloaded everything, then went to my car as they closed the truck for the last stop at my new place. They broke a few more items over the next couple of hours, then told me they were done. What do you mean, done? Where’s my bed? They left it on the loading dock of the consignment shop, which was now closed. I hadn’t slept for two days straight, and I had to go back to my old place to close up, where I fell asleep sitting on an exercise ball leaning against the wall.

Next day I called the shop and learned they can’t accept beds, so they usually send them to the landfill. But in this case, an employee had taken it to donate to the needy. In Tijuana.

Luckily he hadn’t made the trip south of the border yet, but I still had to wait like a week for him to get time to bring it to me. In the meantime I slept in the tub or a chair, since I had brought my couch to consignment. It was a nightmare!”

– Linda, San Diego

Thanks for sharing your stories – we got some great ones! Want to avoid a horror story next time you move? Book a Dolly – we’ll bring the truck and muscle and your move will be a sweet dream. 

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