Boulder On Up: How Dolly Moved a Boulder Board

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What’s over 300 pounds, eight feet tall, and sits at an angle of 40 degrees? Apparently, a bouldering board. That’s what we learned when Chicago climbing gym Brooklyn Boulders booked a Dolly for a bouldering board that needed to be moved across town.

Buck Up and Move

For Claire, the marketing manager of Brooklyn Boulders Chicago, getting potential customers to experience the joy of climbing without bringing them into their sprawling gym in the West Loop was a problem. “Part of my job is community awareness and outreach. It’s a challenge to bring our experience outside of our facility, but we give festival guests a taste using our portable boulder board.”

While the bouldering board solved her outreach problem, it also created another one: “The portable boulder board is an eight foot rock wall at a forty degree angle, and about 300 pounds!” Even at a climbing gym, that was too much for just one or two employees to pick up, and it definitely wasn’t going to fit into one of their cars. But Claire knew she had to get it to the Taste of Randolph festival the company was attending, and thankfully, she knew just how to do it.

Climb to the Top

“My roommate was moving out of our apartment and asked for recommendations for movers on Facebook, where multiple people responded with Dolly. She had a great experience, and it gave me the idea to use it for work.”  She booked a Dolly for the job and asked a few co-workers to help with the heavy lifting – even with two Dolly Helpers, she knew the 300+ pound boulder board would be outside their lifting capacity.

For Claire, Dolly was a breeze. “With the help of my co-workers and Dolly, we were able to transport it to our booth. The boulder board was an unusual beast of an item to move, and both my Dolly Helpers were friendly, flexible, and professional.” Claire had a particularly enjoyable aspect of the experience: “The best part was in the communication, I was able to provide dimensions so they could prepare and know exactly how to tackle the load.”

Claire is now a big Dolly fan: “If you need a truck, skip renting or begging your friends for favors. Dolly saves you extra trips and the value of having an experienced Helper will make a not so fun task much more manageable.”

Need help setting up an event or with heavy lifting? Book a Dolly for truck and muscle, anytime you need it.

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