A Day in the Life of Jeff Moon, Dolly Customer Support Specialist

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In our Day in the Life series, we introduce you to a member of the Dolly team and give you a peek into what it’s like to work for Dolly. This month, we’re introducing you to Jeff, one of our Customer Support Specialists. 

Name: Jeff Poindexter Moon

Title: Customer Support Specialist

How long have you been working at Dolly? 5 months

What do you do here at Dolly? I work as Customer Support. We have a program called Zendesk that we use to answer calls/messages that we receive from both customers and our Helpers and Hands. I try to answer questions and concerns as quickly as possible from oldest to newest. I also work on helping our Helpers and Hands find the right jobs if they’re looking for extra Dollys.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Dolly? I love the people and atmosphere. We all can work and at the same time be helpful and courteous with one another.

Any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share? I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years before transitioning to the civilian world. Took me a while to adapt but now I am loving it!

Jeff’s Day in the Life

8:00 AM

Wake up and get ready for the gym. Tired but still have to go.

8:30 AM

We arrive and start off by shooting hoops for about 20 minutes. Gets the blood pumping.

8:50 AM

Time to hit the weights!

9:30 AM

Back home! Getting ready for work. Checking on Miley, our blue nose pitbull (7 years old). She seems tired. Stares at me as I load her bowl with food and water.

10:00 AM

I drive to the transit center where I decide if I would rather wait for a bus or ride an Uber. This depends on how packed the bus is and traffic. Looks like it’s an Uber kind of day.

11:00 AM

I arrive at work. Ask my co-workers if they want me to focus on something else before I jump in. Looks like I’m on the usual Primary queue solving customer/helper questions and concerns. This will involve answering simple questions such as “What type of Dolly requests can I schedule?”, “How much does your service cost?”, “How much do Helpers make?”, “What kind of vehicles do you guys have?”, or “Do you do junk removal?”.

12:00 PM

Gotta grab some coffee. Work coffee is always the best!

1:00 PM

Took a quick break. Walked around the block. I like to take in the city and soak up some sunshine before I head back in.

2:00 PM

Solving more tickets / creating Store delivery orders for customers. Store deliveries differ, but usually involve us working with one of partner stores (such as Big Lots) and creating deliveries for our customers.

3:00 PM

Switch over to fulfillment. This will involve me going down the list of all the orders that we currently have (from earliest to latest start times) and working on getting them scheduled with Helpers. This requires me to view the details of a customer’s request (such as time, location distance, and items) and making it enticing for our Helpers to bid and get scheduled on.

4:00 PM

Received a paper scheduling request (similar to a store delivery, except we fast forward the process and call the customer after the details of their delivery has been filled out) from one of our Partnership Managers in Chicago (Kevin!). I like to get these done as soon as possible so that the customer is not waiting. Once I have successfully entered in the information based on the paper scheduling I receive, I call the customer, enter their payment information, and review their order with them one last time before we post their request for Helpers to view and bid.

7:30 PM

End of my scheduled shift but I like to stay later to help out my co-worker/friend Bjorn. We will run through the fulfillment page to ensure that we have successfully scheduled all bookings for today and if we have not, we will contact our customers to see if we can reschedule for a later date and time.

8:30 PM

Shift is over. Me and Bjorn head out. We live in the same area so he’s giving me a ride to my car. What a nice guy!

9:00 PM

Get to my car. I call my roommates to see if they need me to pick up anything before I head home. They want me to “bring my booty to the house for burgers and beer”. Sounds good to me!

9:30 PM

Got home, helped grill some burgers. We got corn too. Pretty good!

10:30 PM

Work with my roommates (Ethan, Jason, and Kevin) to see what we need to work on for our small business. We are running an online shoe boutique called Fetish for These Kicks. We acquire rare, stylish shoes, skateboards, and apparel (such as Jordan’s, Nike SBs, Supreme) and either take pictures to post on our Instagram or sell in our Ebay store.

11:00 PM

Play a few rounds of rock band with the roommates.

11:30 PM

Washing up getting ready for bed. I like to drift off to sleep while watching “The Office”. Dwight just mercy-killed Angela’s cat.

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